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So, My Dad Died

On Saturday May 25th I get a text from my sister saying ‘Just an FYI, dad is dying’. I tell her thanks. I get a text the next day saying ‘Dad passed away this morning’ I say thank u and she asks me if I want to know funeral arrangements and I say please. She […]

Call Me What You Will

Recently I was called a redneck. More specifically I was told I was a ‘small town, redneck hick who is uneducated, has low self esteem and had an unpleasant upbringing.’ I think this person was trying to offend me. Nah, not me. Not the guy who doesn’t want to be normal. I kind of laughed […]

St. Louis Sports Observations

Been kind of quiet with my views on Twitter, so I thought I would share some of my thoughts on sports and more specifically St. Louis Sports. This is an exciting time for sports here in St. Louis. Gotta start with the NHL Playoffs and the St. Louis Blues. Today, they are up 2 games […]