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Grateful Dad

I have to say I am a pretty lucky guy.  My son Josh is a good kid.  He’s smart, athletic, a leader, and a good example for other kids.  What worries me are the times ahead.  I remember my difficult teenage years.  I know that me and my wife have given Josh a better foundation […]


You ever get to the point where you need to reflect?  I am there.  Today I am turning 41.  Not some magical birthday, but just another year older.  I decided that it would be fun to do a little research and see if I could come up with some interesting things about the number 41. […]

Matheny Era is Alive and Well

If there is any doubt that the St. Louis Cardinals have moved on from Tony LaRussa to a new style with Mike Matheny, today’s move of DFAing J.C. Romero and calling up Eduardo ‘Nasty’ Sanchez proves it.  Fresh off of a weekend that included honoring LaRussa by retiring his number, being swept by the Atlanta […]

What’s In My Head Right Now

I am wondering a few things this week.  These are things that have kind of been on my mind for a bit.  Who actually reads my blog?  I mean I know I am getting site visits and some new followers here and there but are people actually reading this?  I know my blog has only […]