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2 Years for the Blog, 15 for the Boy

Wow! Are you telling me it’s been two years since I have started writing this blog? That was a magical baseball season for the St. Louis Cardinals. This past week has reminded Cardinals fans how this team seems to find a way to win. These next six weeks plus of baseball are going to be […]

Vacation Reflection and Thoughts Part One

This year’s trip to Northern Pines was different. I knew this from the get go. It ended up being a very good different. Our normal 7 hour trip took about 8.5 hours after being caught behind a wreck just north of Springfield, Illinois on Highway 55. I will never forget the city at the next […]

Who Said Things Go As Planned?

You all remember me? I am Jeff White, I am a part time blogger. I went on vacation a few weeks ago. Here I was thinking that I might have time to write a blog or two while on vacation, write one after telling you all about the wonderful things that have happened, and give […]