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Bleeding Blue

Bleeding Blue

Even though I was born bleeding Cardinals Red, I still have a bit of Blue in my blood.  That is St. Louis Blues Blue. I remember going to the Checkerdome back when I was young and seeing Blues greats like the Cavallinis, Sutters, and Bernie.  I have the Gretzky/Hull Sports Illustrated Poster.  I was upset […]

Contest Winners!

Let me apologize for taking so long in posting the winners.  It took me a while to get all the information from the winners.  I also had an issue.  I got sent extra copies of the BluRay, so I ended up giving away 4 of them.  Here is a reminder of the prize: BASEBALL’S GREATEST […]

Opening Day Memories Giveaway!

Apparently one of the perks of being a member of the United Cardinal Bloggers (1) is that as an organized group we get to spread some love to other members of Cardinals Nation.  Well, we also get to spread some free gifts out now and then too.  Stay tuned and I will tell you what you […]