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2013 MLB Playoff Predictions and Awards

My third blog in one week!  Continuing my United Cardinals Bloggers Predictions assignment I have taken my predictions thread to another level.  Here are my award and playoff predictions. AL Cy Young:  Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners.  No one player does more for their team as a pitcher.  He helps lead his team to the playoffs […]

2013 National League Predictions Time

The March assignment for the United Cardinals Bloggers is to do a MLB predictions blog.  Today is my second post this week! Wow, a blogger who posts regularly!   I think the National League East could be one of the toughest divisions in baseball.  There are three teams that could win it depending on injuries and […]

2013 American League Predictions Time

This years  March assignment for the United Cardinals Bloggers is to do a MLB predictions blog.  I am going to try to write three blogs on this in a week.  Yeah, that’s kind of unheard of from me, but let’s see where this goes.  Today will be the American League,  later will be the National […]

I Don’t Want to be Normal

What is normal?  Looking at a few dictionary definitions I think it means conforming to a standard, being average, or regular. I think normal is what you want as result of a medical test, not something you aspire to be.  Is normal a range?  Are having a wife, kids, friends, and a job normal?  Is […]

Cooking – Rum Pound Cake

Those who know me, know I have a passion for cooking.  So inspired by other bloggers and especially Diva of Delicious, I have decided to start posting some blogs regarding cooking.  I will post some recipes that are mine or inherited from others.  If this looks like some other recipe, it is not intentional. So […]

2013 Cardinals in Spring Training

Yeah I know, haven’t written a blog in a while.  Haven’t heard anybody complaining or telling me that it has been missed.  Things that make you go hmmmm. Let’s see what has happened with our beloved St. Louis Cardinals this spring.  They got great new batting practice hats; they are going to wear red hats […]