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Songs, Muppets, and Thanks

Many people know that I have a ‘different’ taste in music.  I primarily listen to country, mix in the lovely 80’s, whatever is on the variety station, and add a touch of weirdness.  Mainstream radio is not always my friend and I wish they would just stop talking and play more music, then I might not switch the channel on them.  If they played more music, maybe they would play more variety, but you never know.

In the past I have ranted on chat boards and Facebook my current choices for off the wall songs, so I figured I would do that here since I have started this blog.  All of these songs may not be current but they are songs you should give a listen to.

Eye Candy by Curtis & Luckey (1) – This song is just fun.  Talks about a single guy who is looking at girls and they remind him of candy.  Purely a song that is just that, fun.

Smokin’ Hot Wife by Sawyer Brown (2) – Who knew these guys had another song out there?  Another fun song that all of our wives want us to sing.

Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith (3) – Ok so I am doing a bunch of fun songs so far.  The video to this song is awesome with lots of cameos.  The Warren Brothers helped write the song and appear in the video.  I have only heard this song once on the radio but I know it is tearing up iTunes.  If you have ever been to one of our smores nights, we use red solo cups.

One More Drinkin’ Song by Jerrod Neiman (4) – This is my favorite song on the radio right now.  I will take a Marga-daquiri-screw-olada-on the beach any day.  Ok, I must be in a fun mood for this go around, so I will keep that theme on the last one too.

Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me by Weird Al Yankovic (5) – Now I love Weird Al.  I have been a close personal friend of his since before Eat It.  I do like most of the songs on his latest album ‘Alpocalypse’ but this one is my favorite because of the video.  It is all words.  Those of you at a smores night earlier this fall late into the night watched it.  CNR, Skipper Dan, Party in the CIA, and of course Polka Face are also stellar songs and videos off this album.

So, continuing on the fun thought, I really hope everyone, and I mean everyone, not just kids, goes to see ‘The Muppets’.  I have been really looking forward to this movie.  I just have no clue when I am going to see it this weekend.  May have to pay full price to go see it so there won’t be as many 4 year olds in the theatre.  My personal favorite Muppet is the Swedish Chef.

Thank you to all that read my crazy writings.  I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for many things and people and I ask that you do the same thing that I hope to do this holiday season and make sure they all know it…

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