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Bleeding Blue

Even though I was born bleeding Cardinals Red, I still have a bit of Blue in my blood.  That is St. Louis Blues Blue.

I remember going to the Checkerdome back when I was young and seeing Blues greats like the Cavallinis, Sutters, and Bernie.  I have the Gretzky/Hull Sports Illustrated Poster.  I was upset when Mike Keenan drove Brett Hull out of St. Louis.  I would use jersey numbers 24 and 16 if 20 was not available.  I have seen the Blues play in Anaheim because I am a home team guy and I was raised on the Blues.  ‘Oh baby’ used to be one of my favorite sayings.  I moved back to St. Louis to see the President’s Cup Season.  I miss Keith Tkachuk’s toothless grin.

Now I consider myself a better than average hockey fan.  I don’t go to a lot of the games.  Think I made it to three this past season.  I do however watch as much I can on television.  I have turned my wife and son into hockey fans.  I am a huge fan of David Backes.  I love what he has done to bring leadership to this team.  He is not necessarily the best scorer on the ice, but he is the smartest, grittiest, and most hard working all-around player on the ice.  T. J. Oshie and Alex Steen help with the grittiness while David Perron and Andy McDonald help with scoring.  With Barrett Jackman and Alex Pietroangelo leading the defense, this team finished 2nd in the Western Conference and beat the San Jose Sharks in the first round of the NHL playoffs.  Bring on the Kings.

I am also a huge Brian Elliott fan.  I wish no ill will on Jaroslav Halak, who himself is an accomplished playoff goalie.  There is just something about Elliott that reminds me of what a goaltender should play like and be.  I have not watched every minute of every game but he had the best Goals Against Average in the NHL this past regular season.  That has to mean something.  He has been outstanding against San Jose and I hope he can continue against the Kings.

Let’s Go Blues!!!

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