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1 Year Anniversary of Born Bleeding

Today, September 1, 2012, marks the one year anniversary of my first post (1) on Born Bleeding.  When I started this blog a year ago, and after over 40 posts I have written, I would never have guessed all the things that happened this past year.

While writing about the St. Louis Cardinals I got lucky enough early on to get associated with The United Cardinal Bloggers (2) during the amazing September and postseason run that led to the Cardinals becoming World Series Champions.  This brought me some readers I never expected, and a few opportunities I would have never guessed.  Life was good this past year and I have been blessed to make it this far.

There have been well over 4,000 page views of this blog with the busiest day of 108 views being on release day one year ago today.  The most read post of the past year was ‘I’m Disappointed Cardinals Nation.’ (3)  It was about Albert Pujols decision to leave St. Louis.  Readers for 16 different countries have read this blog.  Facebook had been my biggest referral method with about 700.  People have clicked on the United Cardinal Bloggers logo for the most outgoing clicks.

I hope you will stick around for this ride.  I just changed the format for the anniversary.  I will do my best and continue to write about my thoughts, my life and the Cardinals.  Remember, I write an opinion blog.  So please feel free to comment and give me yours as you see fit.  I would appreciate the feedback.  You can also like Born Bleeding on Facebook (4)  as it has its own page or you can follow me on Twitter @jeffbgoofy.  (5)

I thank you all for reading, God for blessing me, and my friends for support.  But, thanks most of all to my wife and son.

One comment on “1 Year Anniversary of Born Bleeding

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