I Don’t Want to be Normal

What is normal?  Looking at a few dictionary definitions I think it means conforming to a standard, being average, or regular. I think normal is what you want as result of a medical test, not something you aspire to be.  Is normal a range?  Are having a wife, kids, friends, and a job normal?  Is staying out of trouble considered normal?  I asked about ten people I know if they thought of themselves as normal.  All but one said yes.  The other said they were above normal.

Is there something wrong with not wanting to be normal?

Yeah, I am goofy.  I am a muppet of a man.  I am a Marine.  I am a Veteran.  I am anything but normal.  I have a wife, a son, 2 dogs, a good job, few close friends but many friends.  My job is anything but normal.  I am currently doing the work that was being done by four people previously.  I deal with Incident Management and employee communications on a daily basis.  I can’t be normal and succeed in my job.  I have to adapt with change and I have to be flexible.  I think I have to do that at home too.  My son changes daily.  Those of you with teenagers can empathize.  I know my wife is way above normal to have put up with me all these years.

I don’t like the phrases ‘I can’t’ or ‘I don’t know how’.  As Yoda says ‘Do or do not, there is no try!’  Why even bother doing something if you are not going to give it your all.  I have known many people in my life who do things ‘half ass’.  Boy, nothing pisses me off more than someone not giving 100%.  You want to be average?  Do you want to be normal?  I don’t.

This is about what I think of me.  What others think of me does not define who I am.  This is about believing I can do great things.  Heck, this is about believing I am doing great things.  I believe that love can be freely shared among friends.  I don’t want to hide my feelings for someone because it is not politically correct.  I have faith in my fellow humans.  I assume the best in people until they prove to me otherwise and then I still think there is good to be had.  For you Once Upon A Time Folks: I don’t think that once you have some darkness in your heart that it cannot be changed to good.

I watched a 30 for 30 special last night on ESPN.  It was about the North Carolina State Wolfpack team that won the NCAA Men’s National Championship in basketball in 1983.  Jim Valvano was predominantly featured.  He is a hero of mine that I have never met.  He continues to inspire me to this day.  He taught people to ‘Don’t give up, don’t ever give up!’  He also told of three things we all should do every day: laugh, spend some time thinking, and have your emotions move you to tears.  The last one can be tears of joy or sadness.  I have already done all three while writing this blog.  But I am not normal.

Strive to be more than average.  Dream of things other cannot see.  Believe love and mercy still exist.  Show others how much you care for them.  Don’t let someone not know how you feel about them.  You may lose them without them ever knowing.  Make sure they understand what you mean.

I leave you with a quote from the Warren Brothers song ‘Change’: “Someday my luck is going to change; they’ll think I am brilliant instead of insane”.

2 comments on “I Don’t Want to be Normal

  1. I like your comment on try. I always was also told cant never did anything so don’t use that either.

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