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Yeah I know I haven’t written anything in a while. Life gets in the way. I also never write about asking for help. There are things that go on daily in our lives where we require the support of others. Not very often do we thank those that give us that support. I did this today in an email to my colleagues/friends that I have worked with in the past thanking them for their support of me. I asked them for their continued support of me in the near future.

Today, the job I have been acting in for the past nine months has been announced so that I can apply for it. This has been a long painstaking process that my boss has worked very hard behind the scenes to get done. She has been a great boss, mentor, and friend to me over the years. I wish you all were so lucky to have someone like her in your life both personally and professionally.

This job was done by someone previously at a much higher grade level than I currently am. When they left for a higher job, I was left as the only employee in St. Louis in my function. I don’t know what it took to convince the higher ups to let me act in the position. I know it took me more work with no more pay. Just experience is all I was guaranteed. I am a loyalist to the people I work for and care about, so I said ok. Over the past six plus months I have faced many challenges, thought I screwed up majorly a couple of times, but all in all I showed myself and apparently others that I can do this job.

I remember being asked in the past how I can try to be nice to everyone. Sometimes I fail at it miserably. But I have learned one important thing in life. You never know whose support you are going to need. Think I might have even mentioned that in the blog before. This is a time I guess I may need the support.



I’d like to take this time to thank all that have supported me in the past and ask that you keep praying and/or keeping good thoughts coming my way as I prepare my application, my colleagues edit it, Personnel reviews it, and those selecting make their decision.

I am not done asking for support. A few weeks ago, a lifelong friend of mine was hit by a car at his job. David Van Dyk has been battling brain issues since then. He has been in a doctor’s monitored coma since the accident and they are trying to find ways to keep his brain pressure low. David needs your prayers way more than I do. He is battling for his life. His parents are by his bedside and there are people all over this world praying for him. Please help and pray for DVD. David is one year younger than me and I have known him for over 25 years. He has been to many s’mores nights at my house and has been in my Men’s Fraternity small group. Prayer has been powerful for him and his family since the accident so I ask for your help.

Many others have faced battles recently. Do what your heart desires for them. Keep your good thoughts going, support them, or pray. You never know how your goodness will affect people.

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  1. Hey, Jeff. Thanks for sharing about this opportunity at work, and your need for support. If there is anything that I can do as your pastor, such as write a letter of recommendation, please let me know. Thanks also for your mention of David van Dyk. You are a true and loyal friend.

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