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Who Said Things Go As Planned?

You all remember me? I am Jeff White, I am a part time blogger. I went on vacation a few weeks ago. Here I was thinking that I might have time to write a blog or two while on vacation, write one after telling you all about the wonderful things that have happened, and give my two cents on Cardinals baseball. Well, the one about vacation is half written. I will finish that shortly, I promise. I need to share how good God is.

Life goes on. This will probably be what I call a dump blog. It should take me about 20 minutes to write this and a few hours for my wife to edit and get the picture uploaded.

Would you believe I am the father of a freshman in high school? At Pattonville High School even? Yeah, I graduated Parkway North but both my brother and sister went to Pattonville. Josh has had a tiring first week with all of his challenge classes and football practice to wear him out. The good news is that he has settled on a home for baseball for the next year. He will be playing for the American National Eagles (1). They are a SLABA (2) based team that will get him about 40 games next spring and summer at a much cheaper rate than club ball. They want him to be a team leader and more catching will be in his future. He will still be able to play some fall ball with most of his old team.

Work has been crazy hectic. I can’t say much but I will say the hardest part in my job is learning what my job is and not saying too much to my customers. I also need to sound nicer than normal because of my apparent rough tone. I will take all feedback as good stuff and work at improving myself.

My wife has continued to be my rock and I am thankful for my dogs and good alcohol to get me thru this. I am also grateful for friends who distract me to help me get me thru all of this.

Speaking of friends. Today has been one of those days to put things into perspective. A tiny baby boy was born to the great Miller family. I am proud to know them and be invited to stop by on his birth day.

Josh holding Miller baby

Josh holding Miller baby

So for any of you who have missed my weird writing, here you go. Thanks for all of your support and I promise I will write more as time allows.

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