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2013 Post Season Predictions

2013 Postseason logo

2013 Postseason logo

Since I am shut down today, I figured I would get a blog out. Might as well do my post season predictions. Good luck to all of the teams out there!

Wild Card Games:
Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati Reds. I see Pittsburgh winning this one game. Francisco Liriano will do a good job of keeping the Reds down and I do not think it will take much. They are not playing well.
Tampa Bay Rays vs Cleveland Indians. Cleveland is playing as good as any team out there right now and the Rays used Price to get to this game so I give the Indians the edge.

American League Division Series:
Detroit Tigers vs Oakland A’s. As long as Detroit is on, they will beat the A’s easily. I think they will be mostly on, but the series will go five games.
Boston Red Sox vs Cleveland Indians. Boston will have the momentum and the hot streak and they will beat the Indians in 4.

American League Championship Series:
Detroit Tigers vs Boston Red Sox. I am thinking this will be a series for the ages. Some of the injuries that Detroit has been experiencing will catch up to them here and Boston will win in 7.

National League Division Series:
Atlanta Braves vs Los Angeles Dodgers. This will be a great five game series battle but Atlanta is the better team. They understand about playing together and win it in five.
Pittsburgh Pirates vs St. Louis Cardinals. I don’t think Pittsburgh can match up with Cardinals in a short series. The Pirates are more hurt then they will publically admit and Cards win in 4.

National League Championship Series:
Atlanta Braves vs St. Louis Cardinals. This is a tough series for me to pick. Something just tells me that the Braves will win it in seven. I hope I am wrong. I hope it will be a respectably fought series with the Braves just having the edge.

World Series:
Boston Red Sox vs Atlanta Braves. Boston has shown to me that they have the team concept down. They will bond together and win the World Series in six on Boston’s home field. All Star Game results matter this year.

Let’s see how I do. At the beginning of the season I had the Washington Nationals beating the Texas Rangers in the World Series. Neither of those teams made the playoffs. Baseball is my favorite sport because it is so unpredictable.

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