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Announcement Time


You all know I never promised you a regular blog before. I am not a normal blogger. But then again what is normal? Winter has been very busy for me work wise. The weather conditions affect my job as well as VIPs who want to pay you a visit. Ok, enough with the excuses. You may be wondering ‘what is the big announcement you hyped on Born Bleeding’s Facebook page?’ Well, I am going to try to guarantee a weekly blog. That means I will not go seven days without writing a new blog. How can you do that Jeff? You may ask. Well, I will tell you.

I have not always been a blogger. Really? You don’t believe me? No one even knew what the heck blogging probably was in the late 80’s. I always enjoyed writing or being creative at some point. So it may be no shock to some that I have written over 125 poems and lyrics so far in my life. Yeah a lot of them were bad and sappy about some high school crush I had, but hey, they were my works of art. So since I have many of those already transferred electronically, I figured I could share them on the blog. I look forward to your comments on them.

I also hope this year to share some more under the cooking section also. I love food. I don’t know of anyone who really doesn’t love food, so why not give you more food.

I am saying this now, at the end of February and I know I am going on vacation in three weeks to Disneyworld. I know that Josh starts High School Baseball games the 1st of April and his American National team plays about 45 games in two months starting about my birthday. So all I can say, I will do my best to stick to this promise of a weekly blog guarantee, but it is something I enjoy doing, so I don’t see the issue. I also ask for all of those who read this blog to please comment, share, and ask me questions about anything posted. I want to be more interactive.

Thanks again for reading.

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