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Muppets Most Wanted and Disneyworld

We have been extremely excited to see Muppets Most Wanted ever since they announced they were doing a sequel. Coincidently, the movie opens with a song called ‘We’re Doing a Sequel’. They are as excited doing it as we were waiting to see it. I am kind of ashamed that the early opening night theatre where we saw it had only 12 people in attendance. Obviously, those living around the AMC Creve Coeur 12 were not as excited as us to see the movie.

Muppets Most Wanted is a movie filled with lots of laughs, puns, cameos, and of course Muppets. Is this as good of a movie as The Muppets? No. I would compare it to The Great Muppet Caper. It’s a fun adventurous classic movie. It is a better movie than a normal one because of the Muppets and their classic theme that good defeats evil.

Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais are the human stars of the movie. Ty Burrell, Ray Liotta, and Danny Trejo have high supportive roles along with WWE Star Hornswoggle. Dylan ‘Hornswoggle’ Postal has always been a huge Muppets fan. He has lots of tattoos featuring them. He does a great job as the vertically challenged Russian Prisoner. It must have been a huge honor for him to be in the movie. Some of my favorite cameos in the movie include Usher, Celine Dion, and Josh Groban.

I can say I am really happy to hear the full soundtrack. I waited until after seeing the movie to listen to it. I’ll hear it on my flight to Orlando tomorrow.

It’s vacation time for the White family. Many of you know we will be in Walt Disneyworld for the next week. If you are in the area, get a hold of me. That would be funny but always welcome to see friends. I look forward to seeing the new Toontown, updated Fantasyland, seeing all the Muppets stuff they have added and seeing what they have done incorporating Marvel into the Disney universe. I am sure I will write about it all at some point.

Don’t fret, there will be blogs out next week, so I hope you enjoy your spring!

One comment on “Muppets Most Wanted and Disneyworld

  1. Thanks Jeff. I was probably going to wait until it came out on DVD to watch anyway. Last movie I saw at the theater was The LEGO Movie, prior to that it was Wreck it Ralph (go about once a year, I guess). Guess I was burned with Muppets from Space back 13 years ago, although I kind of teared up at the end with that one……

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