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I Need to Pray More For….

  I need to pray more for someone who wants equal rights for all and gets upset when people opposed to them get something legally that doesn’t go their way. I need to pray more for a person who proclaims themselves a Christian and posts on social media negative and derogatory comments. I need to […]

Heroes Need Help

Heroes Need Help

  Normally I am not a hero. I am a Christian, husband, father, and friend. For the past 15 years my family has gone to our dentist at Ladue Family Dental. We have referred friends to them because they make you feel welcome and comfortable. So when they got a new hygienist that fit my […]

I am Not Sorry

  I am a Christian. I do my best as try to live in the example of Jesus. I fail. Badly at times. I know I am nowhere close to the person I believe I should be. I am not sorry for the person I am. The views I was raised to believe and have […]

Give Up Every Day

I am an Evangelical Christian. I am not Catholic. I do not participate in the practice of 40 days of Lent giving something up. I don’t understand this practice. Why does Lent have to be the time that you give something up? Why can’t it be September? Shouldn’t as practicing Christians we be trying to […]

Why Can’t We All Be Happy, Happy, Happy?

Yeah, I am going there. Please hit the X button in the upper right corner if you do not want to know my thoughts on Phil Robertson and A&E. Background: I am a Christian. I am not perfect. I am a sinner. I am saved by grace. I struggle with sin every day but I […]

From Furlough Fuzz to Playoff Patch

Last night the Senate and House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution to bring back all Federal employees to work and include back pay. This current CR now takes us thru January 15, 2014. Committees will be created to work on a budget to fund different branches of the Government for the remainder of Fiscal […]

Vacation Thoughts, Part Two

I have had a lot of time to think about last month’s vacation to Wisconsin and Northern Pines. (1) There are a few things from the week that I keep coming back to, the people and the experiences. Let me just say that I cannot thank everyone behind the scenes enough for doing everything they […]

I’m Disappointed Cardinals Nation

Let me start off by saying that I was shocked when I heard Albert Pujols signed with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for 10 years and 254 million dollars.  No trade clause included.  Shocked. Stunned.  I really thought there was no way he would leave St. Louis.  Baseball is a business and if you […]

Born Bleeding

When thinking about a blog title, only three titles came to mind for me.  They were Door Opener, Semper Gumby, and Born Bleeding.  I will explain the meaning of each one and the reason I chose Born Bleeding. Door Opener is a reference to my confirmation verse which is Revelation 3:20.  It states :  Behold, […]