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From Furlough Fuzz to Playoff Patch

Last night the Senate and House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution to bring back all Federal employees to work and include back pay. This current CR now takes us thru January 15, 2014. Committees will be created to work on a budget to fund different branches of the Government for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2014. I hope they get it done this time.

I was just one of the 30,000 St. Louis area Federal employees affected by the shutdown. It was estimated somewhere around 5-6 million dollars a day was lost locally due to the shutdown. I would like to give a shout out to one local restaurant that is one of my favorites. Sugarfire Smoke House (1) gave furloughed Federal employees a sandwich special. I and a friend took advantage of this once. It was their ‘Shutdown Special’ and it had brisket, pulled pork, and turkey on it with lettuce, tomato and onion. They included a side and a drink for no charge. Yeah, I said no charge. Me and my family are going there tonight for dinner to personally thank them and pay them back. What they did went above and beyond.

Before Shaving

I shaved my beard this morning and decided to keep the soul patch area for the remainder of the time the St. Louis Cardinals are in the playoffs. If they win the World Series, let’s see how long it stays.

After Shaving

I got quite a few things done while I was off, from some deep cleaning to organization to just some sit around and relax time. I am happy to be back to work. I have a few things around the house that were starting to fall apart and the money from my normal paycheck will help get things fixed.

I am proud to be a Federal employee. I am proud to be a veteran. I am proud to be a husband. I am proud to be a father. I am proud to be an American. I am proud to be a Christian.

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