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Rise Up Cardinals Nation!

I have spent the last two nights with a group of friends that has included a Yankees fan.  He has to be that one guy in the crowd that goes against the system.  He has to be the one who wants to hold the spoon to stir the pot.  He was rooting for the Texas Rangers in my house.

This has been an interesting World Series so far.  I believe that with the right breaks here and there, the Cardinals could of already of won this World Series.  The first game greeted the World Series faithful with cold and drizzle most of the evening.  The ground was too wet for the Clysdales to go around the field at Busch Stadium.  Chris Carrpenter pitched well and Master Allen Craig hit a pinch hit off of Alexi Ogando in the 6th inning to score David Freese and the Cardinals held onto that 3-2 win.  In game two the same scenario presented itself and Craig won again and the Cardinals were up 1-0.  Jason Motte and the Cardinals bullpen could not hold the lead.  I personally don’t believe that Motte should not of been taking out because Josh Hamilton had not shown he could catch up to a high 90s fastball.  Rangers win 2-1.

I call game three ‘The Texas Pujols Massacre’.  Albert Pujols had one of those games that defines a career.  He became the third player (and first non New York Yankee) to hit three homeruns in a World Series game.  He finished the game with five hits, four runs scored, and six runs batted in.  Let me also give a little praise out to Yadier Molina who went 2 for 3 with 4 RBIs himself.  It was a glorious evening.  Josh and I spent that game with a buddy and some of his family and friends in his basement.  Saved me a lot of text messages since the guy I normally text during a game was sitting in the same room.

Game four was referred to by St. Louis radio personality Chris Duncan as ‘Derek Holland’s Opus’.  After scoring sixteen runs in game three, Holland held the Cardinals to two hits while striking out seven.  Those two hits were by Lance Berkman who was batting from his ‘inferior’ right handed side.  Holland was masterful and it turns out he is also quite funny doing Harry Caray and others during the game five broadcast.  The Rangers beat the Cardinals 4-0.

Game five was fairly painful to watch.  From the not pleasant rendition of the National Anthem by Demi Navato to the twenty-two runners the Cardinals left on base.  Yeah I said twenty-two.  You can’t win a game leaving that many runners on unless your pitcher is masterful and Chris Carpenter was just that for pretty much seven innings.  The bullpen could not hold the game together and apparently there was a problem with the phones from the dugout to the bullpen.  Really?  Former Cardinals pitcher Mark Mulder even said that Tony LaRussa has used a cell phone in the past to call down there when they weren’t sure who was warming up.  Why didn’t they do that last night?Heck why didn’t they call time and send one of the guys sitting on bench down to the bullpen to make sure the right guy was ready?  I dunno.  Let’s move on.

In the 1982 World Series, the Cardinals were down 3-2 to the Milwaukee Brewers coming home to St. Louis.  Rookie John Stuper took the Cardinals on their back and the Cardinals won game six and they came together as a team to win game seven.  In the 2004 NLCS, Brandon Backe and Brad Lidge held the Cardinals to one hit in game five and the Cardinals came back to win game six and seven at home.  I was at that game six.  I hugged many of strangers that night thanks to Jim Edmonds.

See, it’s possible.  So rise up Cardinals Nation, come forth and give this team your loving support.  Show the World that you support your team no matter what.  Remember that they were 10.5 games out just about two months ago and now they are in the World Series!

Sign in my house headed to our basement


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