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My Take On #cardsplaneproblems

Giving credit where credit is due, United Cardinal Bloggers founder and head honcho Daniel Shoptaw Cardinal70 ‏@C70 game up with the Twitter hashtag #cardsplaneproblems. From there it blew up. You all knew Middlebrooksing would get involved (see picture credit Joe Sports Fan). Cardinals players are playing along with Jon Axford posting pictures, David Freese joking […]

All-Star Roster Thoughts

With the All-Star Game rosters being revealed Sunday, I thought this would be a good time to share who I voted for and maybe some insight.  I am a bit of a homer at times. Let’s start in the National League: C-Buster Posey-San Francisco Giants.  Yadier Molina-St. Louis Cardinals.  Yadi is having a career year.  […]

Contest Winners!

Let me apologize for taking so long in posting the winners.  It took me a while to get all the information from the winners.  I also had an issue.  I got sent extra copies of the BluRay, so I ended up giving away 4 of them.  Here is a reminder of the prize: BASEBALL’S GREATEST […]

Opening Day Memories Giveaway!

Apparently one of the perks of being a member of the United Cardinal Bloggers (1) is that as an organized group we get to spread some love to other members of Cardinals Nation.  Well, we also get to spread some free gifts out now and then too.  Stay tuned and I will tell you what you […]

My 2012 Cardinals Spring Training Preview

My 2012 Cardinals Spring Training Preview

OK, I am not normally a blogger who reports.  I tell you my opinions.  If they happen to sound like a reporter, so be it.  So knowing that, here is my 2012 St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training Preview. Starting Pitching – I think they are good.  If and when Adam Wainwright pitches lights out again […]

My 5 St. Louis Cardinals Iconic Moments

As part of my membership in the United Cardinals Bloggers, I have the opportunity to write a blog each month based on a topic they provide.  I figured I would take a stab at the first month’s topic of 5 Iconic Cardinals Moments.  I am not ranking these because for me, they may change from […]

2011- The White World of Sports

I just wanted to take a few moments to reflect on 2011.  It was an exciting year in sports.  The St. Louis Rams got us excited thinking they were gonna make the playoffs to start the year.  St. Louisans got all revved up in the time leading up to that one Sunday evening in Seattle.  […]

The St. Louis Cardinals Are Your 2011 World Series Champions!

Let me say that I am proud of you Cardinals Nation, you rose up!  99 percent of the people I have talked to said they stayed up to watch all of game six! My body picked a terrible night to get sick.  I watched the 8th inning on lying in bed with my head poking […]

Rise Up Cardinals Nation!

I have spent the last two nights with a group of friends that has included a Yankees fan.  He has to be that one guy in the crowd that goes against the system.  He has to be the one who wants to hold the spoon to stir the pot.  He was rooting for the Texas […]

St. Louis Cardinals are World Series Bound!!

Wow, just wow!  Think about it.  30 other major league teams, cities, and fan bases do not have their team in the World Series.  The team that I was born rooting for, the St. Louis Cardinals are in their 18th World Series.  They call this one the Quest for 11.  11 wins, of which the […]