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Christmas Letter

This is my Christmas blog.  It is going out to over a thousand or so people who have read this little blog already.  If you got a Christmas card from us, you may recognize some of the content here.

Our year started by going to Disney World with our friends the Rohmans and Millers.  Was a blast seeing the wonders of Disney through the eyes of a 5 week old and a 2 year old.  Who knew the 21 year old would be the biggest pain on the trip.  (Kidding Brad!).

In February we lost the first dog my wife and I got together Lilybelle.  She was 16.  In July we ended up getting a three pound puppy named Minnie.  She’s a stinker and getting better at 14 pounds and 7 months old.

Josh played another year of baseball with the St. Louis Redbirds.  He excelled at pitching this year and the coach considers him a team leader.  The highlight was a trip to Cooperstown Dreams Park in June for a tournament full of drama and injury.  He also played select soccer thru September but has put that aside and recently started basketball. He has also kept us busy by being in the gifted program at school and in December took the ACT as a seventh grader.

Both Lyn and I turned 40 this year.  I surprised Lyn and had a bunch of people come over and see her on her special day.  We also have continued to host many s’mores night events.

We were blessed to have a lovely vacation at Northern Pines in August.  It was a great time seeing friends and making new ones.  Northern Pines is a Christian family camp that advertises itself as a ‘Vacation with a Purpose’.  Find out more at npines.org.

This blog has been a highlight to the latter part of the year for all of us but the Cardinals dramatic end of the season run that ended in their 11th World Championship was a truly great experience to have gone thru.

I’d like to say to everyone that I am very thankful to have lived another year with a wonderful wife, a job that provides, and a son that continues to amaze me each day.  I would also like to thank all my friends who continue to support us and be with us as we walk along this journey of life that God has given us.  I wish we all lived on the same street so we could be together every day.

Please remember that Jesus is the reason of the season!  Merry Christmas and a blessed new year to you all!  Look forward to being with you all to enjoy the ride that 2012 will bring us.

One comment on “Christmas Letter

  1. Found you via Aimee over at Everyday Epistle and subscribed and linked to your blog.. Love your blog and looking forward to future posts. Come visit me sometime at RodneySouthernSays if you get the chance!

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