2011- The White World of Sports

I just wanted to take a few moments to reflect on 2011.  It was an exciting year in sports.  The St. Louis Rams got us excited thinking they were gonna make the playoffs to start the year.  St. Louisans got all revved up in the time leading up to that one Sunday evening in Seattle.  Boy weren’t we let down.  The year is ending with the Rams maybe ending up with the #1 pick in the next NFL draft.

Mizzou football got us excited and played well for a while.  They won the laugh of the bowl game they got into after deciding to leave the Big 12 Conference for the SEC.  Yeehaw!  More southern states to play against.  I have been a LSU fan for a few years and I know someone currently attending Ole Miss, so this could be fun.  Mizzou basketball is undefeated this year after an off season coaching change.  Frank Haith has solidified the basketball program, I hope.

The St.Louis Blues made a run to end the last season but fell short of the playoffs.  Now they have a new coach in Ken Hitchcock and are playing well so there is a lot of excitement surrounding Scottrade.  They should make the playoffs for the first time since 2003.  I do bleed a little blue in the winter.

Sports have been a big part of our lives.  My son Josh has been playing for the St. Louis Redbirds.  That is the same organization that has produced Ryan Howard and David Freese.  Josh’s coach, Paul Rymer has great faith in him and uses him in clutch pitching and hitting situations.  A trip to Cooperstown Dreams Park this past year was a highlight. Omaha and the College World Series are in the plans for 2012.

Josh also played a bit of select soccer this past year for Lou Fusz.  He no longer plays for them due to him being a baseball player first.  He ended up playing for good ol’ St. Richard for CYC soccer this fall and now he will be playing basketball for them too.  This basketball thing is wacky.

We also got Fox Soccer Channel this year and there are a few Manchester United items in our house now.  It is much different to watch after learning some things about the sport. St. Louis University has an exciting men’s basketball team at times and we still watch the Los Angeles Lakers from our time in SoCal.

Sports has played a big part in out lives this past year and I wanted to give everyone a glimpse to see that we are more than St. Louis Cardinals fans, we are sports fans.  But, baseball is by far number one in our lives

St. Louis Blues Logo

2 comments on “2011- The White World of Sports

  1. Believe it or not, I feel your pain with the Rams. My wife is a transplant from Missouri and loves her Rams. Being a Panthers fan myself I know a thing or two about suffering as well. Great post!

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