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My 5 St. Louis Cardinals Iconic Moments

As part of my membership in the United Cardinals Bloggers, I have the opportunity to write a blog each month based on a topic they provide.  I figured I would take a stab at the first month’s topic of 5 Iconic Cardinals Moments.  I am not ranking these because for me, they may change from day to day.

The first iconic moment has to be Opening Day.  I remember back in the 80’s watching Ozzie Smith running onto the field of Busch Stadium and doing his back hand spring flip.  Wow!  I was amazed how that beautiful white uniform looked flipping on the Astroturf of the old Busch Stadium.  Another iconic thing about opening day in St. Louis is the Clydesdales taking the field.  This year will be a good year as they will be carrying a World Series trophy.  I have not worked on an Opening Day since I have moved back to St. Louis and I am proud to say I have been to many of these Opening Days as well.

The second iconic moment I can think of is when Mark McGwire hit his 62nd Homerun on September 8, 1998.  I knew something magical was going to happen on that date early in the year.  My son was due on 8-28-98, so I thought he would be late and 9-8-98 would be a cool birthday.  Well, he was born on 8-30-98, so something exciting in baseball made the most sense then.  Mark and Sammy Sosa grabbed the nation’s hearts for the homerun battle and they were on national television every game in the week leading up to the magical moment.  This was key for me as we were living in Southern California at the time.  It was a magical night with a line drive, a high five to Dave McKay, and a ‘Touch First Mark.  You are the new Homerun king’ from Joe Buck.  Good to hear the hometown guy with the call.

I will never forget the 1982 World Series.  I still can see Willie McGee jumping over the fence.  But the iconic moment for me was when Bruce Sutter jumped into Darrell Porter’s arms and the St. Louis Cardinals were World Series Champions.  I was a young 6th grader and my mom let me stay up late and watch every playoff game.  Even the long rain delayed game.  That was a late night.   I can remember the message board at old Busch saying ‘We Win’.

The highlight and iconic moment of the 2009 All Star Game that was hosted inSt. Louiswas Stan Musial being introduced to the crowd.  This moment showcased to the rest of the world that only watch baseball at the all star game and postseason, the best of what St. Louis has ever had to offer.  I think the departure of that #5 guy for Anaheim confirms that St. Louis baseball is Stan Musial.  He is the icon.

I am unsure what the future will bring, but Game 6 of the 2011 World Series could be one of the greatest baseball games ever.  David Freese’s 11th inning homerun will forever be remembered by Cardinals fans.  This is considered the best moment of the year in all of baseball according to MLB Network and will make its way to iconic status if it hasn’t already.

I hope you all find this journey back into memory lane an enjoyable one.  I had 10 iconic moments on my list I had to narrow it down to 5.  Let me know your thoughts.

One comment on “My 5 St. Louis Cardinals Iconic Moments

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