Let’s Bring it Home

Decided to do something different in this blog since I am so excited that we are really close to pitchers and catchers reporting and I am excited.  Let me know what you think.

Let’s Bring it Home


Freese is back

And so is Lance

So the Cardinals fans

Think there’s a chance

12 in 12

Is what they all say

With Yadi and Carp

Leading the way

Rafael and Matt

Will come to the plate

Adam’s coming back

We can hardly wait

With Skip, Jay, and Allen

Setting the table

We’ll win all we can

As long as Motte is stable

Beltran and Romero

Come join the group

WhileDuncanis gone

Helping his wife recoup

Matheny heads the team

He leads the way

After that other guy

Went to L.A.

So 12 in 12

Here we come

Cardinals Nation

Let’s Bring it Home!

3 comments on “Let’s Bring it Home

  1. Jeff, you are the biggest fan, my friend!

  2. Jeff,
    I’m very impressed with your iambic prowess …and knowing your “Nation” so well 🙂

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