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My 2015 Awards Predictions

The last of my five blog predictions series for the United Cardinal Bloggers is here, or is it? I get to be in top guessing mode here with my awards thoughts. There will be a bonus blog tomorrow with my Postseason predictions. I have might have given you a few hints in the previous blogs […]

Let Them Play – The 2014 Cardinals Playoff Push Is On!

Once again it’s late September. The weather in St. Louis has started to cool down. Some of those around town are asking when the Rams will be moving to Los Angeles. Others are counting down the three weeks until the St. Louis Blues take the ice. I wonder all of these things but my mind […]

My Take On #cardsplaneproblems

Giving credit where credit is due, United Cardinal Bloggers founder and head honcho Daniel Shoptaw Cardinal70 ‏@C70 game up with the Twitter hashtag #cardsplaneproblems. From there it blew up. You all knew Middlebrooksing would get involved (see picture credit Joe Sports Fan). Cardinals players are playing along with Jon Axford posting pictures, David Freese joking […]

My 2013 All Star Ballot

A couple of years ago when Bud Selig decided to make the All-Star game ‘count’ I thought this might be a cool idea. See baseball’s biggest stars fight for which league will get home field advantage in the World Series. I can say this probably helped the Cardinals win, so I have grown used to […]

That Wacky Wild Card Friday

That Wacky Wild Card Friday

It started with two pitchers each playoff rookie manager trusted.  It ended with some interesting actions by one team’s fans, a player retiring, and one quoting scripture that sounds like he probably won’t be coming back to that team. The commissioner’s office got what they wanted. I heard someone call it a WWE title match […]

All-Star Roster Thoughts

With the All-Star Game rosters being revealed Sunday, I thought this would be a good time to share who I voted for and maybe some insight.  I am a bit of a homer at times. Let’s start in the National League: C-Buster Posey-San Francisco Giants.  Yadier Molina-St. Louis Cardinals.  Yadi is having a career year.  […]

MLB Awards and Playoff Predictions

Two blogs in one week!  Continuing my United Cardinals Bloggers Predictions assignment I am taking my predictions thread to another level.  Here are my 2012 MLB award and playoff predictions. AL Cy Young and MVP:  Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers.   Does anybody really know how good this guy is?  With the steroid era officially gone, pitching […]

My 2012 Cardinals Spring Training Preview

My 2012 Cardinals Spring Training Preview

OK, I am not normally a blogger who reports.  I tell you my opinions.  If they happen to sound like a reporter, so be it.  So knowing that, here is my 2012 St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training Preview. Starting Pitching – I think they are good.  If and when Adam Wainwright pitches lights out again […]

Let’s Bring it Home

Decided to do something different in this blog since I am so excited that we are really close to pitchers and catchers reporting and I am excited.  Let me know what you think. Let’s Bring it Home   Freese is back And so is Lance So the Cardinals fans Think there’s a chance 12 in […]

I’m Disappointed Cardinals Nation

Let me start off by saying that I was shocked when I heard Albert Pujols signed with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for 10 years and 254 million dollars.  No trade clause included.  Shocked. Stunned.  I really thought there was no way he would leave St. Louis.  Baseball is a business and if you […]