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Yadi Yadi Yadi O!

I was in a waiting process in writing a new blog because news of Yadier Molina’s new contract was breaking so I decided to wait until it actually happened and then I decided to wait some more because I am a blogger, not a writer.  I give my opinion, I don’t report.  I will tell you what happened sometimes, but that is used to express my thoughts and opinions.

Let’s start with the facts.  Molina’s career totals include a .274 batting average, 55 HR’s and 390 RBI in 944 games.  Molina has been clutch in postseason batting .341 in World Series play and .329 in League Championship play.  Yadi is a four time Gold Glove award winner and for the 2011 season he was awarded the Platinum Glove for the league’s best defensive player overall.

Chris Carpenter has compared Yadier Molina to the left tackle in football and referred to by ‘The Blind Side’ where Carpenter is the quarterback.  Yadi studies the game.  He gets the Cardinals game plan. He knows hitters and the significance of each at bat.  This knowledge is irreplaceable in the game of baseball.

My only issue with his new contract is that it is for 5 years and 75 million dollars.  I am one of those people that has an issue with how high professional athletes are being paid.  I get the reasoning that the owners are earning a lot and they should be sharing with players, but shouldn’t it be incentive based?  I believe no player should make over let’s say 10 million dollars a year.  Then there should be incentives and bonuses added on.  I am sure that there could be someone on the management team that could come up with a reason and calculation of what those could be.  The issue with my theory is that it is a team game and the team needs to come first.  Individuals should not be first.  I will probably never see 75 million dollars in my lifetime and I am ok with that.  What I am not ok with is the prices you have to pay to go see a baseball game.  I hope to listen or watch most of the Cardinals games this year but I have bought no tickets yet.

Now I know the ladies love Yadi.  His Spanish charm and smile are a hit with them.  I just wish he could get a better handle on the English language.  Yadi was drafted by the Cardinals in 2000 and at least should be ok with dealing with the public and not ignoring special autograph requests.  I hope there is a clause in the new contract where what was pulled at last year’s Winter Warm Up will not happen again.  I really really want to cheer for Yadi with all my heart, but this is something I cannot get past.  If I had a job in theDominican Republic, I would be required to learn Spanish.  Yadi, please be a St. Louis Cardinals the right way and embrace and get involved in this wonderful community.

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