Fandom is Contagious

On a recent trip to Denver I would sport my St. Louis sports gear proudly every day after work as I walked around Downtown Denver’s 16th street mall and Lodo areas.  I noticed that there was only one sports store and it closed early.  There were also only maybe 2-5 people out of the thousands I saw wearing sports gear.  I remember seeing a couple Tim Tebow jerseys, but those are probably hidden now with the Manning to Denver news.  I am disappointed inDenver.  You had a great run with your Broncos and you have a decent basketball team in the Nuggets.  The Avalanche and Rockies are rebuilding but with Carlos Gonzalez, Troy Tulowitzki, and longtime Rockie Todd Helton, there should at least some fans that are willing to show their Rockie pride.

Does St. Louis just make me expect too much from other cities?  Maybe.  I lived in Southern California for a few years and I remember the non-fashion folks would sport their Dodgers, Padres, and even Raiders gear among the other teams.  I know I have some friends from other cities that wear their stuff proudly but I think they are the minority in their areas.

I know folks down south, where there is nothing but college football, are fanatics for their teams all year round.  They show their passion in everything they do.  I didn’t go to college, so I jumped on the Mizzou thing.  Not the connection there, but I am still a bigger fan than a lot of Missouri Alums I know.

Maybe being in St.  Louis breeds a different culture. St.Louis Cardinals baseball has been around and successful for many many years.  The St.Louis Blues are our team.  I will even admit to Bleeding a bit Blue myself.  The Rams have brought winning here and if they get past the stadium issue, I believe many more fans will come out of the woodworks.  There are still St. Louis Steamers Fans around here.  I really miss the Steamers.

I challenge other cities fans to wear your stuff year round.  I usually have two St. Louis Cardinals items on at all times.  Show your team pride.  You may not be a fan of my team, but I and many others will truly respect you for being a fan.

2 comments on “Fandom is Contagious

  1. I have a Phoenix Coyotes jersey just cause I think it’s cool, along with a hat… Only seen them play once, but they were my first game I went too, so they hold a special place in my heart. Other then that, I wouldn’t bother spending any money on jerseys….

  2. Chicago is a HUGE sports town where people show their pride in good times and bad- that’s how it should be!

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