What’s In My Head Right Now

I am wondering a few things this week.  These are things that have kind of been on my mind for a bit.  Who actually reads my blog?  I mean I know I am getting site visits and some new followers here and there but are people actually reading this?  I know my blog has only been around since September of 2011 and I got lucky that the St. Louis Cardinals were on a roll into the postseason as they were a subject of a good amount of my writing.

I am thankful to be a member of the United Cardinal Bloggers.  I am what they call a hitters member as I do not have the time to be fully involved like I normally would in something.  I have noticed that most of the other bloggers do a lot of reporting and actually a little less creative writing.  I have no problem with this.  I am not a reporter.  I am not a journalist.  I am a blogger.

I am here to give you my opinions, to share about things that mean something to me.  I know that I need to blog more, read many more different blogs, and finishing moving over to my own web page but this has kind of been nagging at me.

I have always had a passion for writing.  People in my life and work have told me that I can write better than I can talk at times.  Those of you that knew me in high school may remember thehigh pointof my poetry writing.  There are probably over 120 poems and lyrics sitting in a drawer or a hard drive collecting dust.  I have never played an instrument well enough to put some of them to music but some of them have tunes in my head I can sing.

Anyway, thanks to one of my wife’s friends, I got into reading blogs.  I saw that some of them are reporting but most of them are opinion.  I realized this is a place where I could fit in at and this can keep my creative juices working.  Please take a moment and visit Aimee at www.everydayepistle.com

As I am writing this, yes it bothers me that people who call me friend may never have read my blog.  I get that I don’t have all the same interest as people I know.  It’s not about that, it’s about support.  But then again, people I may never meet in person read it.  I get a lot of views based on the topics and titles of my blogs.  You would be amazed what some people search for on the internet.  The more I think about it, it doesn’t really matter to me who reads this blog, as it is done for me.  I use this as an outlet.  If you want to read it, great.  Comment if you like.  But in the end, I am just a guy with a blog.

I challenge everyone to look into themselves, go tell a friend that what they are doing is appreciative and also go discover something new.  Tell a complete stranger that they are doing something that affects you.  Follow their blog, see what they have to say on Twitter, or friend them on Facebook.  You never know what might happen.

8 comments on “What’s In My Head Right Now

  1. I realize I have never commented here before, but just wanted you to know I do read it sometimes, and enjoy and respect reading your thoughts and viewpoints. …keep it up, cuz!

  2. I read your blog too. And I get a lot of good insight about our team from you that I don’t get on those Sunday night sports shows. I would have never guessed you were a poet too. You’re right…you just never know what will happen reading blogs.

    The search engine terms sometimes are funny also…I get one almost every day for ”2/3 cup water” and ”enchiladas” What is your most common search engine term?

    • Thanks Diva! I read urs too!!! U cook well!! Most used search terms are some form of Cardinals usually and then images searches. I need to use more personal images…

  3. Hey Jeff, I read too, but I don’t have much interest in Baseball, so if you are lamenting about the newest pitcher choice or that the game went into extra periods because of a tie, then I kind of lose interest, but I should be reading more cause it always makes good steam room conversation at the Y.

  4. I read too. Just takes me awhile sometimes. Blogs are good reading for me in this stage of life because one blog is about all I can get through before one of the kiddos needs me. 🙂 and although I enjoy many of your topics, I read because your family is very special to me.

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