Grateful Dad

I have to say I am a pretty lucky guy.  My son Josh is a good kid.  He’s smart, athletic, a leader, and a good example for other kids.  What worries me are the times ahead.  I remember my difficult teenage years.  I know that me and my wife have given Josh a better foundation than I had growing up.  I had no father figure active in my life except for a fantastic Grandfather who did his best.  I know that I struggle sometimes on how to deal with him but it comforts me when I know that others struggle, and I actually get what my son is trying to pull or get away with most of the time before my wife because I tried the same things many years ago.

I remember thinking with Lyn before we had kids how we thought a girl would fit us better.  Oh, thank you God for providing us with a son!  I get how boys react because I am one.  My wife is much smarter than me so she is learning.  You never know how girls react.  Don’t get me wrong, I know many great young ladies out there, but I know that God blessed us with our son for reasons that include God does not give us more than we can handle.

Josh plays select baseball.  He switches age levels every year.  Girls’ softball does it every two years.  Josh just probably wrapped up his club level soccer career.  I was told by many parents and coaches that there is a lot more drama involved in girls soccer.  I did see a few girls game and most of the time the girls were meaner players.  Josh will be doing football this fall for the first time.  He is a great team sports player.  Let’s just say I have been to a few dance recitals and am grateful to God for my son and his gifts.

I know I would have survived with a girl.  Heck, life may have been a blast, but I am quite happy and satisfied with my son.  He is a great young man.  Whether he is getting recognition in school or getting a hit in baseball.  I am a proud dad.

2 comments on “Grateful Dad

  1. The only criticism I have is you didn’t use one of my AWESOME soccer pictures of him! Very well written. We are definitely blessed, being parents of boys. There are good girls out there. I pray they’re still”good” when Josh starts dating! ~lisa

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