Is Cardinals Nation Spoiled?

Recently, a few of us have noticed that on Twitter, people are whining about the St. Louis Cardinals.  I mean not just your Tyler Greene haters, but the people who are saying we should overhaul this whole team now.  Sheesh people, it’s just the start of June.  Injuries have hit this team pretty hard and we all knew that there was not a whole lot of help sitting in Memphis.  Adron Chambers makes Jon Jay look like an All Star.

But seriously, I decided to look into some other teams in the National League Central to try to put things in perspective.  Let’s start with the Cincinnati Reds.  The Reds were established in 1881.  They have won the World Series 5 times.  They have won nine National League Pennants and nine division titles, with two of those being since the NL Central was formed.  Two!  1995 and 2010.  No Wild Card, just two times in the postseason since the last time they won a World Series in 1990.  They haven’t even been to the World Series since then.

‘We Are Family’ was a battle cry in Pittsburgh in the late 70’s and early 80’s, but what has happened to the Pirates since then?  The Pirates started a year after the Reds in 1882 and they have won the World Series 5 times and the National League 9, but none since 1979.  They had a three year run of National League East titles from 1990-92 but haven’t seen the postseason since then.  They would be happy in Pittsburgh to get a competitive team and an owner to spend some money wisely.  Finishing the season above .500 is a goal inPittsburgh.

Journey up to Milwaukee and see beautiful Miller Park and there at least has been a bit of excitement up there recently.  The Brewers have only been around since 1969 and the only time they have been to a World Series was when they were in the American League and your St. Louis Cardinals beat them in 1982.  They are the defending Central division champions so things should be good there.  Last year was only their third trip to the postseason.  They went from 1983-2007 with nothing.  Good fans getting nothing but a new stadium and the hope of a few players to carry their hopes.

The Houston Astros are in so much of a funk that to keep fan interest they decided as a stipulation of the new ownership, the Astros would move to the American League in 2013.  The franchise was established in 1962 and they have only been to the World Series once in 2005.  Haven’t done much of anything since then though.  Cardinals Nation remembers the Astros and Cardinals battling year after year in the early 2000’s.  But they have been cellar dwellers quite a few times since.  And the Cardinals have never had to try to get orange in their uniforms.

I won’t even go there with the Chicago Cubs…

Your St. Louis Cardinals were established in 1882.  They have won the World Series 11 times, and the National League Pennant 18 times.  Three wins in the National League East in the 80’s and 8 Central division titles.  Add the two Wild Card berths we have had and you cannot compare the Cardinals to any other team in the Central Division.  If I add right, the Cardinals have been to the postseason 12 times in my 41 years of life.  That is pretty impressive.

People in Cardinals Nation need to realize that they have it good.  Too good.  Winning tradition is something that is engrained in us all here.  Please remember what it could be.  Be proud or your franchise, cheer for them, question things maybe, but watch what you say.  Whine to yourself, because you are making the rest of us look bad…

2 comments on “Is Cardinals Nation Spoiled?

  1. Just shows there are a lot of faux fans out there and when the going gets tough they whine and place blame instead of standing behind their team through thick or thin as a true die-hard should. They have come to view winning as the “norm” and when that doesn’t happen they complain like children. I think the tough times and struggles of a team weed out the true believers from the casual observers.

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