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Thank You Covington

Recently I had the privilege of going down to Louisiana with a good friend, Mike Rohman, to team lead with EFCA touchglobal during their summer workgroups. There is still work to be done rehabbing houses affected by hurricane Katrina.  Mike did more of the leading, but I think I was a pretty good second in charge.  I blame Katie Hooks for this last trip and that is a good thing.

This was my third trip to Louisiana to work on rehabbing house affected by Katrina.  During the first two trips we worked and stayed in and around downtown New Orleans.  You were a two block walk away from a trolley that took you to the French Quarter.  This trip we stayed in Covington, Louisiana and drove the 50 minutes to the house we were working on.

Mike and I talked on the drives to the worksite each day, and this allowed for us to have time to take care of some things at home, and not take us away from one of the purposes of touchglobal and that is to show the love of Christ to those in need.

Back of my work shirt

Covington showed me this trip that we all need that love.  We need it from other Christians to raise us up and support us.  We need the touch of each other to remind us how joyous it is to be Christians working in unity in support of God’s mission for us.

I met some great people in Covington.  From Raleigh International Church that was part of our work team at the house to the short term missionaries who were down there for the summer in relational support.  Some of those down there said it was a very social week for them.  I think both they and I needed that.  I got to experience the food and friends I missed from previous Louisiana trips, while meeting new ones and experiencing new foods.  I highly recommend chargrilled oysters with smoked Tabasco.  Shelby made that happen and he and I shared an order.  Cam and Eric followed and got the same thing.  Apparently they trusted my judgment after recommending to them the best BBQ shrimp ever the night before from Mulate’s. (1)

Part of group at Acme Oyster House in Covington

This trip was really a different experience for me.  I think I found a couple places if I was ever traveling across the country that I would have places to stay.  From Michigan to North Carolina to Pennsylvania and points in between, people have come together to work in Covington for touchglobal.  Thank you to all the people involved.  I can’t wait for the days in heaven where we are not a nine hour drive apart.

For more information on what touchglobal is doing in Louisiana, Haiti, and elsewhere, go to www.touchglobal.org (2)

One comment on “Thank You Covington

  1. Jeff, thanks for your service in New Orleans. Thanks for your reflections on Covington. Thanks for sacrificing vacation time to serve those in need.

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