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All-Star Roster Thoughts

With the All-Star Game rosters being revealed Sunday, I thought this would be a good time to share who I voted for and maybe some insight.  I am a bit of a homer at times.

Let’s start in the National League:

C-Buster Posey-San Francisco Giants.  Yadier Molina-St. Louis Cardinals.  Yadi is having a career year.  He deserves to be the starter.  They would both be going either way, but Buster is fighting for Comeback Player of the Year.  Yadi throws out more runners and may be the Cardinals Co-MVP.

1B-Joey Votto-Cincinnati Reds.  My choice also.  1B may be the National League’s weakest position this year.  Heck, St.Louis Cardinals own Allen Craig has more RBIs at 1B than back up Bryan LaHair of the Cubs and Craig was hurt for a few weeks and wasn’t even supposed to play first base this year.

2B-Dan Uggla-Atlanta Braves.  Aaron Hill-Arizona Diamondbacks.  Hill is the heart and soul of the D’Backs.  Fans did not know what they were doing here, but it’s not the only time.  Hill is in the final 5 vote. Was good to see Jose Altuve from the Astros get a reserve spot.  He is becoming a Cardinals Killer.

SS-Rafael Furcal-St. Louis Cardinals.  My choice also.  Rafael is having a great season and there was only a little competition at this spot.

3B-Pablo Sandoval-San Francisco Giants.  David Freese-St. Louis Cardinals.  This is a bit of a homer pic for me but Kung Fu Panda really?  I am glad David Wright made it at least, but he probably should deserve to be the starter here.

OF-Melky Cabrera-San Francisco Giants, Carlos Beltran-St. Louis Cardinals, and Matt Kemp-Los AngelesDodgers.  Beltran, Matt Holliday-St. Louis Cardinals, and Carlos Gonzalez-Colorado Rockies.  Another ballot stuffer for Giants fans here.  Holliday didn’t make it because there needed to be a selection from every team.  CarGo made it as a reserve.  My side note is that Ryan Braun should not have been allowed to play for 50 games this season, let alone make an All-Star team.

American League:

C-Mike Napoli-Texas Rangers.  A. J. Pierzynski-Chicago White Sox.  I have no issue with Napoli winning.  I am a huge A.J. fan and he had the best batting average among AL Catchers when I checked.

1B-Prince Fielder-Detroit Tigers.  My choice also.  He has made an outstanding transition in the American League and may have this spot for years to come.  Good to see Paul Konerko gets a reserve nod.

2B-Robinson Cano-New YorkYankees.  My choice also.  To me he is the best Yankee player at this moment.  Mizzou alum Ian Kinsler from the Texas Rangers gets a reserve spot.

SS-Derek Jeter-New York Yankees.  Asdrubal Cabrera-Cleveland Indians.  Jeter is of course the popular choice but I just enjoy watching Cabrera play.  Great part of the foundation for years to come in Cleveland.  He did make it as a reserve.

3B-Adrian Beltre-TexasRangers.  Miguel Cabrera-Detroit Tigers.  Rangers fans stuffing ballots.  I looked at the numbers last Monday for all AL third baseman without their names and Cabrera’s looked better.  I based my choice on numbers.  He will be a reserve.

DH-David Ortiz-Boston Red Sox.  My choice also.  I was impressed the AL has three DH’s on their All-Star roster.

OF-Josh Hamilton-Texas Rangers, Jose Bautista-Toronto Blue Jays, Curtis Granderson-New YorkYankees.  Hamilton, Bautista, Adam Jones-Baltimore Orioles.  I really like Jones and I do not like Granderson.  Jones made it as a reserve.

I don’t believe there should be a player from every team on the All-Star team except for the team hosting the game.  Since they made the game ‘count’, the best players should go, period.

I will be watching the All-Star game from either a Seattle bar or in my hotel room.  I still don’t like to miss the game.

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