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Back to Life, Back to Reality

No I am not thinking of the old Soul II Soul song here. (1)  I am talking about coming down from the two ‘mountain top’ experiences I have had recently.  For those of you that don’t know, a ‘mountain top’ experience is when a Christian has an amazing week that is devoted to God thru fellowship, teaching, or whatever gets their juices flowing.  Well, I am back in the real world and the past week or so I have not been motivated to write much.  The one constant has been Lyn, and I thank God for her every day.

As soon as we got back into town, my wife and I needed to finish dealing with Josh’s free agency period in baseball.  Well, after another day of waiting for one team, and never hearing from others, Josh decided to play with the Missouri Lightning.  One of his best friends plays on that team, so it made Josh’s decision pretty easy.  I am glad that period is over, but we had to buy a few items to match the team uniforms at least partially for fall ball.  Tournaments start up this weekend.

Football started in full force.  Oh yeah, I said football.  Josh gave up soccer earlier this year and decided to play football for his school team.  The Junior Pirates of Pattonville are not looking at a really big winning season, but they should have some fun.  The head coach was not at any conditioning sessions, so Josh is starting from scratch position wise, but he may get a chance to do some kicking due to his soccer experience. We shall see.

School starts this week for him so he is ready to get back to his pattern as much as possible.

The question is, am I?  I enjoy my job.  My most fun time of the year is right in front of me.  I get to talk to hundreds of federal employees about charities and how they can help them.  I get the flexibility to do this collateral duty and I am extremely thankful to my boss for this privilege.  Football will be at least three nights a week and every Saturday til around Veteran’s day, so it looks like most of my fall is planned.  With football on Saturday mornings, that means we could have some s’mores nights coming when there are weekends without baseball.

The tough part of our reality is our church life.  Josh is not happy with the confirmation program he is kind of forced into at our current church.  We are all not thrilled with the connection we have during service and the environment.  The issue is that there are a lot of friends there and I will probably do their men’s ministry study this fall on ‘Courageous’.  (2) If you have not seen that movie, rent it.  What has been our second choice for a church is changing to become its own church plant and this fall will be transition time.  The location is not convenient and the new location is even less so.  We love the pastor, atmosphere, and Josh enjoys the large amount of youth they have there that give him the opportunity to evangelize and share.  Lyn and I also need to find an adult bible fellowship class where we’d fit there.  We don’t want to leave our current small group, as they have become our local family.

There are other options out there.  Church plants are exciting, but unnerving also.  I ask that you just pray for us as we deal with our issues in church this fall.  It is kind of hard to find the Christian love like I had in Covington, Louisiana and we all had at Northern Pines (3) in Green Lake, Wisconsin.

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