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It’s All Good

It’s All Good

Well, I haven’t written a blog in over a month. No clue why. Guess I haven’t felt motivated. I actually started one, but it is still sitting in draft form. Since I last blogged, a lot has happened. Josh and I went to Kenosha, Wisconsin for baseball then to Northern Pines (1) in Green Lake, […]

Wisconsin Bound

I don’t think I have ever taken a vacation that has lasted over a week or ten days at the most. I seem to remember splitting them up. Well I will be leaving July 25th to start a vacation that will take me all the way to August 9th. That’s 16 days. Sixteen days away […]

Vacation Thoughts, Part Two

I have had a lot of time to think about last month’s vacation to Wisconsin and Northern Pines. (1) There are a few things from the week that I keep coming back to, the people and the experiences. Let me just say that I cannot thank everyone behind the scenes enough for doing everything they […]

I Think I Am Ready For Vacation

Technically my vacation started yesterday when I got off work. My wife and I went to the Cardinals game last night and watched the Birds beat the Phillies. Today is about getting stuff done. Errands, packing and whatever before we drive up to Green Lake Wisconsin in the morning for Northern Pines (1). This year’s […]

Back to Life, Back to Reality

No I am not thinking of the old Soul II Soul song here. (1)  I am talking about coming down from the two ‘mountain top’ experiences I have had recently.  For those of you that don’t know, a ‘mountain top’ experience is when a Christian has an amazing week that is devoted to God thru fellowship, teaching, […]

My View While at Northern Pines

My View While at Northern Pines

What if I told you that you could go to a place where you could have the best time of your life for a week?  You would also be making friends from all over the country.  You would get to hear great Christian speakers.  You would be doing all this while discovering the wonderful things […]