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My Take On #cardsplaneproblems

Giving credit where credit is due, United Cardinal Bloggers founder and head honcho Daniel Shoptaw Cardinal70 ‏@C70 game up with the Twitter hashtag #cardsplaneproblems. From there it blew up. You all knew Middlebrooksing would get involved (see picture credit Joe Sports Fan). Cardinals players are playing along with Jon Axford posting pictures, David Freese joking […]

I Don’t Want to be Normal

What is normal?  Looking at a few dictionary definitions I think it means conforming to a standard, being average, or regular. I think normal is what you want as result of a medical test, not something you aspire to be.  Is normal a range?  Are having a wife, kids, friends, and a job normal?  Is […]

Angry Birds, Turtles, and Braves, Oh My!

Up until now I have written about stuff that has happened in the past, but this 2011 St. Louis Cardinals story was something that is just incredible to anyone outside of Boston, Tampa Bay, or ESPN. The Cardinals game back from an 8.5 game over the Atlanta Braves to win the Wild Card.  Tampa Bay […]