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I Think I Am Ready For Vacation

Technically my vacation started yesterday when I got off work. My wife and I went to the Cardinals game last night and watched the Birds beat the Phillies. Today is about getting stuff done. Errands, packing and whatever before we drive up to Green Lake Wisconsin in the morning for Northern Pines (1).

Green Lake, Wisconsin

Green Lake, Wisconsin

This year’s vacation is going to be different. This may be our last time at Northern Pines for a few years. This is prime sports time for high school. Josh is already missing a football camp this year by going to Northern Pines. Next year there will be football camp and also he will still be playing baseball thru the end of July. In light of this, we are planning a spring break Disneyworld vacation and our budget just does not fit both.

Another reason this vacation is going to be different is that some of the friends we have made over the years are not going to be there. Some just couldn’t get it in their budget this year due to other trips and a few ended up going first week. I will miss playing with some of the kids in the water and hanging with the adults. We will be headed up tomorrow (Friday) to help with the transition weekend so we will get to see a few familiar faces there for a short bit.

I know that the extended family that originally invited us there will still be there. I know some of our other friends will be there. I know that we will make new friends. It just feels different.

I hope we enjoy this vacation. I pray that God will use the speakers to refresh us and to get us ready for this adventure with Josh called High School. I also pray that his baseball situation will get all figured out while we are gone.

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