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Family and the League Championship Series



Well, so far I have gotten the ALCS right and half of the NLCS. Things change with five games on how I think about the rest of the postseason. That’s why I am updating my LCS predictions now. Also, I am still furloughed, so I have the time.

American League Championship Series:
Detroit Tigers vs Boston Red Sox. This is the matchup I have predicted. Detroit handled the Oakland A’s by getting them to swing and miss a lot. That will not happen with Boston. They have too many good bats and just enough pitching to get them through Detroit. One win versus Justin Verlander or Max Scherzer will get it done and the Red Sox will win it in six. Expect Dustin Pedroia to have a big series. And no, I am not just siding with the bearded team since I haven’t shaved in ten days.

National League Championship Series:
St. Louis Cardinals vs Los Angeles Dodgers. I was a little bit shocked about the result of both of these NLDS series, but that’s why they play the games. Looking back on the Dodgers destroying the Atlanta Braves it was clear that they just beat them. The Dodgers won’t have it that easy against the Cardinals. The Pittsburgh Pirates gave them a bit more than they bargained for. Gerrit Cole pitched a lot better than I thought he would. But he was not near as good as Cardinals rookie Michael Wacha and ace Adam Wainwright.
On to the series that starts tonight. Joe Kelly will wow a national audience. Zack Greinke is the enemy to Cardinals Nation. Michael Wacha will pitch another great game against Clayton Kershaw and it sets up Adam Wainwright. Adam Wainwright is the man in St. Louis right now. He pitched a gem, told the world what is important, and led his team in celebration. “There is no amount of money that’s worth what we have going inside this clubhouse,” he said. “This is a family to me. This is more than teammates. This is a family. So I feel so blessed to be here with them and share moments like this. And we’ll remember them for the rest of our lives.”
Do you think the Cardinals are gonna let some high priced Dodgers team beat them? Heck, I bet only half of the fans in Dodgers Stadium during the postseason have been to a game all year and if they did, they arrived late. Los Angeles is not a baseball town. Heck, they have a former NBA basketball player as an owner. Cardinals in six and it could be five. Momentum is clearly on the Cardinals side.

But remember, that’s why they play the games. Anything can happen. I will be watching and I hope you will be too. Share the word and the love of baseball.

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