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Angel On The Outside

When I decided to add some of my poetry and song lyrics to my blog, I wasn’t sure if I would start with the 100 plus that I wrote in high school or ones that I wrote since. I decided on one I wrote after high school because it is one of my favorites. It was partially inspired by a friend of mine I used to work with about 15 years ago. I just texted her to let her know I would be using it. Our families very much still keep in touch about as much as we can. Here’s to you Deb.

Angel on The Outside

When you walk up to her
You will never see the signs,
You can’t see it on her face
You can’t read between the lines.
It’s never expected
But it’s so easy to see,
She caught me in her sight
And now there’s nothing left of me.

She’s an angel on the outside,
And a devil within.
She’ll get you from the inside
And she’ll make you see sin.
I thought I could get around it
And I thought I could see.
But she’s done it to everyone,
And now, she’s done it to me.

I never thought I could
Get caught up in her trance.
I was blinded by her eyes
And the way that they dance.
Why couldn’t I see it
I just wanted her love.
And it came down and got me
Right from up above.


Never in a million years
And never to me.
Never would I think
That I could ever see.


She’ll do it to you but now,
She’s doing it to me.

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