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My 2014 American League Predictions

Once again, baseball season is upon us. Since I will be on vacation next week, I am doing my predictions blogs this week as part of this year’s March assignment for the United Cardinals Bloggers. I am starting with the American League, later will be the National League, and then postseason and awards.

The AL East should be a bit different this year. The defending World Series Champions reside here. I am not sure they can repeat, but I am impressed with what the Baltimore Orioles have done in the offseason. Here’s what I think.

AL East:
Boston Red Sox
Baltimore Orioles
Tama Bay Rays
New York Yankees
Toronto Blue Jays

Boston has enough talent to repeat as division champions. Baltimore has not improved enough to make the playoffs but they come close. Rays go and start selling off talent after they realize they are out. The Yankees have the market cornered on 2B and back up SS but with not enough pitching, they too will fall. Toronto just doesn’t impress me.

The AL Central is again my favorite division in the American League. I root for these teams when they aren’t playing each other. I have friends who are fans of these teams.

AL Central:
Detroit Tigers
Kansas City Royals (WC)
Cleveland Indians (WC)
Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins

The excitement in this division is fun to me. Detroit has a great combo of pitching and offense; enough to hold off a tough division. Kansas City is my team that makes a big jump this year. Yes you do see two wild card teams coming from the Central.

The AL West is the almost division. I find this the hardest division to pick, so I am going sentimental. There will be a lot of injuries in the west this year.

AL West:
Oakland Athletics
Texas Rangers
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Seattle Mariners
Houston Astros

The winner of this division will be the only team from here to make the playoffs. Just a few games over .500 will win this. Texas and Anaheim get the injury bug or they would be up top. Seattle is disappointed with its offense but they will have talented pitchers. I hope Houston does enough to pay attention.

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