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They Have Their Reasons

Since this is the United States of America, shouldn’t privately owned companies be able to do mostly what they want? I mean if you don’t like what they believe, you don’t have to work there. If they have a store, you don’t even have to shop there. It really should be that simple shouldn’t it?

I remember when people complained about Nike possibly having kids working in sweatshops in some Pacific area country and people boycotted them. Seems like they survived just fine. More recently Taco Bell was accused of using something like horse meat in their food. People still go there. So why shouldn’t Hobby Lobby’s stance on contraceptives be any different? Their policy would not affect me personally, but if it did, I could chose not to work there or even shop there if I didn’t agree with them.

I have stores I don’t shop at and restaurants I don’t go to but it’s usually not by what they believe, it’s how their employees are and what their product is. Why should I care if they are Muslim, on the pill, or their mom is a convicted felon? What difference should it make? I don’t shop at restaurants because I don’t like their food or some employees are nonprofessional. Let me give you an example: I love McDonald’s. I mean who doesn’t? I just always seem to have colder food and rude service at the Page and Westport locations. So instead of saying I will not go to McDonald’s, I go to the University City or Bridgeton locations. The U City McDonald’s is my favorite because the employees are always nice and the food (especially the fries) is always hot.

Feel free to stop shopping or eating at places you don’t like for your reasons. That is why they are your reasons. Please do not try to push your reasons on everyone that is all I ask. People and companies have their reasons for doing things.

One comment on “They Have Their Reasons

  1. So true! And often we dont know whats really going on- just what has been presented to us. Such a great post!

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