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St. Louis Cardinals 2014, So Far

Josh's new Marine Camo Hat

Josh’s new Marine Camo Hat

The St. Louis Cardinals are 30-29 and over one third of the way thru a long MLB season. The majority of their early games have been on the road. Finally they came home more during May and many thought that would help them. Well it has, a little (thinking optimistically). Tinkering with the lineup has been done over and over again. Matt Adams developed a small calf injury that has resulted in the call up of phenom Oscar Tavares. That helped for one game. What should they do? I don’t really know but it doesn’t mean I am not going to give you my opinion.

Daniel Descalso’s time in St. Louis is done. Unless there is something further wrong with Greg Garcia, number 33 has served his purpose. Descalso has become a poor at bat, below average defensively and not providing any leadership skills. You gotta give the kid a chance to be a utility player because there are no starting jobs for him in St. Louis.

I hear rumors that a team like the Minnesota Twins is looking into trading for Jon Jay. This makes sense if he can get us a reliever in return. The bullpen in just not right currently. Another way this could be fixed is by sending Carlos Martinez to the minors to stretch him out as a starter and bring up David Aardsma to fill his relief role. That is exactly why they signed him. Either way, Jay should be the odd man out in the outfield rotation.

Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny could also stick to a lineup for a few games in a row. Let Kolten Wong play every day. Give Randall Grichuk or Peter Bourjos at bats every day. I really don’t care which, just pick one. My only guess is that Matheny has to know something we don’t. Maybe they have to play Jay a lot before he gets traded. Maybe Bourjos is having psychological issues. Who knows? The public doesn’t know everything. If we do, there are bigger problems with this team.

I see a lot of people complaining about the Cardinals offense. I get it. Mix it up. Any one of the moves I mention could do the trick to wake up the boys in the clubhouse. I still think that they are a better team than the way they have played so far. Can they catch the Brewers? No doubt. Can they go deep in the playoffs? We will hopefully see. The object is to make it to the playoffs and then anything can happen.

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