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It’s All Good

Well, I haven’t written a blog in over a month. No clue why. Guess I haven’t felt motivated. I actually started one, but it is still sitting in draft form. Since I last blogged, a lot has happened. Josh and I went to Kenosha, Wisconsin for baseball then to Northern Pines (1) in Green Lake, Wisconsin to work first week, with Lyn joining us for transition and attending second week. Josh started his sophomore year. Lyn lets him drive to and from school with his permit in what will be his car. I even rode with him while doing some highway driving. Josh did turn 16 this past weekend so we did some paintballing with friends on his birthday and had a bunch over the next day. Fall baseball has started back up with Josh doing American National 18U for fall league with some 16U mixed in there. Also, he is playing with some friends on a tournament team called Stallions Gold. Add that to lots of homework and managing Pattonville JV Girls Softball, this has been a busy fall so far.
After we got back from Wisconsin, the unrest in nearby Ferguson, Missouri happened. My only comments regarding are please wait until all the evidence has presented itself to judge. So far the only one who can judge this is God, because He knows all.
Pic from My VideoThe other big thing during August was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This is where you are challenged by someone to dump a bucket filled with icy water on your head and donate $100 to ALS. If you do not participate you are supposed to give more. I was challenged by my Northern Pines Friend Tom Erbach. I will donate to ALS with my annual charity giving thru the Combined Federal Campaign. I did accept the challenge and dumped really icy water on myself here (2). I then challenged my fellow Northern Pines friends Glen Tobias, Todd Rau, and Chad VanHouten. I saw Todd’s video really quick and Glen did his the next day on his 18th anniversary. Now Chad’s wife Angela told me he accepted the challenge but I have yet to see a video. So if you know him, ask about that. My other comment on these challenges is that not everyone used enough ice in their water. You need to see the ice fall as it is being dumped on your head. I would have to say one of my favorites was done by another Northern Pines guy, Mike Jaderston. Most will know him as Adam. He’s a youth group leader and let’s just say he got really, really wet.
The St. Louis Cardinals are in first place, there is less than five weeks until the regular season starts for the St. Louis Blues, and very few will care about the St. Louis Rams again due to Sam Bradford’s injury. Seems like a normal early September here in St. Louis. It’s all good!
Born Bleeding's 3 Year Anniversary!
Thank you to all the readers of this blog. Born Bleeding just celebrated its three year anniversary!

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