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Fall TV Time!

Really, my 100th blog is about TV? Wow! I am excited about my shows this year so I just wanted to share with you all.

Life is busy. Josh is busy will school, fall baseball and life. The St. Louis Cardinals are in a playoff push. The St. Louis Blues have started their preseason. The other big thing to happen this time of year is that fall TV is back. We watch a lot of TV in our house. We have to DVR a lot due to our busy schedules but I thought I would go thru day by day and explain the shows we watch when we have time. Very few shows are watched live until baseball season is over.

On Monday night we are DVRing both The Big Bang Theory and Gotham at 7 and The Blacklist at 9. We tape them all because Monday nights are for Monday Night Raw in our house. Wrestling has always been big for us and we subscribe to the WWE Network. I’ll flip to Monday Night Football if it’s exciting, but that’s rare. The Big Bang Theory is our favorite comedy on TV right now and The Blacklist is one of our favorite dramas. I love James Spader in the Reddington role.

On Tuesday nights we tape or watch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and I will try to catch Forever on demand if we get a chance. The Flash may get a few views from us based on the superhero angle, but we are not set on it yet. We love the stories that Marvel has brought together in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and you cannot miss this show. Each episode is important to each character’s story and they even tie into the movies. We highly recommended that show. Forever just seems to intrigue me. Not sure it will catch on, but we shall see.

Wednesday night’s TV schedule leaves a lot to be desired in our household. We will catch The Goldberg’s when we can as we like the 80’s throwback show. It reminds me of a newer version of Wonder Years. We used to watch Nashville, but it has become a little soap opera like and predictable so we may just flip there to catch the good music. We also have TNA Wrestling and Duck Dynasty to flip to live but we DVR the latter.

The Big Bang Theory will move from Mondays at some point back to its old Thursday slot so we will watch it or tape it depending on schedule. Other than that it is another night of light TV viewing for us. New comedy A to Z tempts me a little, but nothing exciting. Probably just catch up on other shows or flip over to WWE Network and watch NXT.

Both shows we like on Friday nights are on at 7 so both are scheduled to record right now. They are Last Man Standing and Who’s Line Is It Anyway? Both are funny shows we love. Tim Allen is stuck with girls and their crazy significant others on Last Man Standing. Well done show. We have been watching Who’s Line for years but recently started taping new episodes and enjoy the new Aisha Tyler hosted version. Would like to see Undercover Boss come back sometime as you gotta love feel good TV.

Saturdays aren’t for new shows. If we are old and lazy on a Saturday night and Mizzou isn’t in primetime we will catch up on shows. Usually we try to get together with friends on Saturdays since we all have more time.

Sunday night TV had now become interesting in the White House. Our favorite show on TV right now is probably Once Upon a Time. If we are home we will watch it live. Lyn did not like having to wait to watch it On Demand so now it is set up on the DVR along with a new show called Madam Secretary. Oh we will watch that show. When one of Lyn’s longest friends, Tracy Mercer, is an Executive Producer, you better believe we will watch it. All the reviews look great on it but it will be interesting how well it will do with a goofy start time some weeks as the second show after football.

We tape a lot of shows. That is because sports are first. If you lived in St. Louis with the Cardinals and Blues, you would do the same thing. Enjoy the new shows on and share with us your favorites.

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