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My 2014 Postseason Predictions

The regular season has come to an end in Major League Baseball. The last day had thrills from Division clinchers to Derek Jeter and Paul Konerko’s last hurrah. We say goodbye to two classy guys leaving the game of baseball a better place than when they entered the league. It’s time to move onto the playoffs that start Tuesday with the American League Wild Card. This could be a fun ride and many of my fellow St. Louis Cardinals fans may not agree with my predictions. If you don’t agree, write about it in your blog.

Let me start with the American League. The Kansas City Royals host the Oakland A’s in the Wild Card game Tuesday. I am giving Oakland the edge in this one game. Kansas City may have had the series edge, but with just one game to win, I will give the edge to Jon Lester and the Oakland A’s. The A’s will then head to Anaheim and take the Angels to five games but fall short. Should be a great ALDS. In the other series, the Baltimore Orioles should handle the Detroit Tigers in 4 games. The Orioles will find a way to survive the Angels in seven games to win the American League crown.

In the National League, the Pittsburgh Pirates will host the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday. The Pirates are hurt. They are falling apart at the wrong time. Giants are just too much for them this year and this game may not be close. The Giants go on to lose a four game series to the Washington Nationals as they are the best team in the National League. And here is when I say I am sorry Cardinals fans but this offense does not have enough in it to beat the talented Los Angeles Dodgers. The best team (Nationals) goes to take on the most talented team (Dodgers) and the talent wins this round as the Dodgers are also focused.

So it’s the Baltimore Orioles against the Los Angeles Dodgers in my predicted World Series. I don’t see much stopping the Dodgers train this year except some foolishness amongst the players and I doubt that will happen. Dodgers win in 5.

Will these predictions happen? Who knows? But it is fun to think about what might happen and then see what actually does. That is why so many of us love the game of baseball.

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