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Can They Beat The Royals?

Jeff’s 2014 postseason sing a long continues with a request from Kansas City. The artist is Lorde, and the song is Royals. Sing with me… Can they beat the Royals? Royals….

Apparently no one can beat the Kansas City Royals this postseason. Not the Oakland A’s in the Wild Card game. Not the Detroit Tigers and their starting pitching, Not the Baltimore Orioles and their team of injury replacement studs. So who would think the San Francisco Giants stand a chance? Not me. Well I am thinking the Giants will win a game or two, but nah, how could you pick against this team?

I mean the Giants did an outstanding job getting past my St. Louis Cardinals, but the Cardinals to me weren’t expected to be there. Who knew the Kershaw Curse would continue so like I have said before, we were in bonus time. I hoped we’d beat the Giants, but I wasn’t shocked when we didn’t. So let me explain my hope for the Royals getting past them.

Josh's Frank White Royals Shirsey

Josh’s Frank White Royals Shirsey

What other team in Major League Baseball has had a player with the last name of White (Frank White) wear the number 20 besides the Royals? None that I know of, which is why I became a distant fan of them growing up. You know you’re from Missouri when Ozzie Smith from the Cardinals and George Brett from the Royals did Vess commercials. This was brilliant marketing back in the day. Get the whole state to be a fan of both teams. It worked on me. I have been to Kauffman Stadium recently and when I was younger. It was the only way I was going to see the big bad New York Yankees as a kid. There are even a few Royals items spread around my basement.

You can argue over which city has the best food but I will take both. Nothing beats good Kansas City BBQ from Oklahoma Joe’s and Jack Stack. San Francisco has Fisherman’s Wharf and In-n-Out so debate as you wish. I won’t go into other city debates but let’s just say I have been to both and enjoy both of them.

I will be saying Go Royals for this series not only because of those fun stats that are out there but the reasons above just to name a few are even more important to me.

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