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It’s All About the Cards!

Sing with me: ‘It’s all about the Cards, bout the Cards, no Dodgers’

Find me an expert that predicted the Cardinals would beat the Dodgers with 10 of their 12 runs being scored on homeruns and I will show you someone who you need to take to Vegas. Find me one that would have also predicted the Nationals would give up two earned runs in their series and lose and I will show you the ocean front property my sister owns in Arizona.

Excuse me for my happiness since my St. Louis Cardinals advanced to their 14th National League Championship Series. I didn’t predict it. Didn’t think we would have enough offense. Boy was I wrong. Or at least wrong in the 7th inning against Clayton Kershaw. His Earned Run Average in the 7th inning in that series was 134.93. Clayton Kershaw is the first pitcher in Dodger history to lose 4 straight postseason starts. It’s not like the Dodger bullpen did much better.

Anyway, on to the LCS predictions. Baltimore Orioles will beat the Kansas City Royals 4-3. This should be an epic series. They are two really great teams that are playing right now with no big stars. I am hoping this will be an Adam Jones coming out party for the rest of the world that doesn’t know how good of an all round player he is. Keep an eye on the young Royals bullpen. They will either dominate or blow up.
I think there is not much that the San Francisco Giants can do to stop this Cardinals train. They will win one or two so Cardinals in six is my prediction. I think Buster Posey will become more disliked in St. Louis and there will be a walk-off win in this series.

I only have one team left (Baltimore) from my original four picks. That is why they play the games.

Sing with me again: ‘This lineup is just so perfect, from the bottom to the top’

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