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2015 Winter Warm-Up Preview

With the weather warming up here in St. Louis, I have decided to get back to this blogging thing. Let’s just say it was better for me not to blog during the month of November. Between being busy at work and not really being able to share my opinions, I silenced my own public forum of opinion. Christmas got me busy and involved with friends and family. It was a good time to step away.

This weekend marks the 19th annual Cardinals Care Winter Warm-Up at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch Saturday, January 17th through Monday, January 19th (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) with appearances from nearly 70 current and former Cardinals players. For the most complete schedule and up-to-date Winter Warm-Up information, visit cardinals.com/winterwarmup. This year I will again be working in Operations wearing the hat pictured so say hello if you see me running around. Most of my work will be behind the scenes but I frequently walk the crowds to check on things. Throughout the Winter Warm-Up, fans can stay connected by following the Cardinals on Twitter (@Cardinals), Facebook (Facebook.com/Cardinals) and Instagram (@Cardinals) for the latest news, event updates and behind-the-scenes content. Each day, the team will have Twitter Interviews with players, exclusive videos, photos and more. Fans should join the conversation, and share their own photos and experiences by using the hashtags #CardsWarmUp, and #CardsCare.

My 2015 Winter Warm-Up Hat

My 2015 Winter Warm-Up Hat

I am excited about the upcoming season already. Jason Heyward, Jordan Walden, and Mark Reynolds are enough to get me excited. My hope is that the Cardinals do not go all in for another frontline starter and let Marco Gonzales win the 5th spot in the rotation. He should beat out Carlos Martinez for the job and Martinez can stretch at Memphis or be another late inning option. I hope to never see Jaime Garcia pitch in the regular season for the Cardinals again but I am expecting to see that at some point this year or he will get dumped.

If you will be at the Warm-Up say hi. If not, follow it on social media. I will post what I am allowed to and hope to have a wrap up blog sometime next week.

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