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My 2015 American League Predictions 

My 2015 American League Predictions

I am really excited that baseball season is almost here. I am doing my predictions blogs this week as part of this year’s March assignment for the United Cardinals Bloggers. In an amazing five part daily blog series, today I am starting with the American League. Then I will be going thru every division in the National League, and then postseason and awards.  

I do not believe the AL East should be very good this year. The Yankees are old and still have A-Rod to deal with. As much as I love Joe Kelly, he is not the ace the Red Sox need. Tampa Bay has traded away almost everyone including a manager. Toronto made some moves. Seriously, the Red Sox will find a way and may be the only team over .500 in this division. 

AL East:

Boston Red Sox

Toronto Blue Jays

Baltimore Orioles

New York Yankees

Tampa Bay Rays

Boston has enough to win the division because no other team wants it. Toronto has made some moves that will help them but they didn’t really address their pitching needs.  New York will be bad but not as bad as Tampa Bay, who may be the worst team in baseball. 

The AL Central is going to be fun. As I have said before, I root for these teams when they aren’t playing each other and I have friends who are fans of these teams.  

AL Central:

Chicago White Sox

Detroit Tigers (WC)

Cleveland Indians 

Kansas City Royals 

Minnesota Twins

The excitement in this division is fun to me. Yes, I picked the Royals to make the playoffs last year. They hurt their team this offseason and I do not see them recovering. Age is catching up a bit with Detroit and they will squeak into the Wild Card. Very tough division this year with even the Twins being better. This might be the tightest division in baseball and a few injuries or gutsy pitching performances could make the difference.    

The AL West to me is a two team race. Both of those teams should be good enough to make the playoffs and may be the top of the charts in the American League this year.

AL West:

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Seattle Mariners (WC)

Houston Astros

Oakland Athletics 

Texas Rangers

Mike Trout of the Angels will be better this year than last year and last year he was the AL MVP. The top two teams in this division will score a lot of runs unless they play each other. I give the Angels the edge because of a little more of experience and discipline. I think Houston is going to cause lots of teams fits and will be better than the sinking Rangers and no chemistry A’s. 

Thanks for reading blog one in this five blog prediction series.

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