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My 2015 Awards Predictions

The last of my five blog predictions series for the United Cardinal Bloggers is here, or is it? I get to be in top guessing mode here with my awards thoughts. There will be a bonus blog tomorrow with my Postseason predictions. I have might have given you a few hints in the previous blogs this week so let’s see who I’ve picked for these awards.

American League MVP – Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Until someone dethrones him or he misses a bunch of game with injuries, Trout should be the choice. There is no other player like him in the game today. He is the true five tool player and the best the American League has to offer. Other candidates include Jose Abreau, Chicago White Sox and Robinson Cano, Seattle Mariners.

American League Cy Young – Corey Kluber, Cleveland Indians. Yes, I know he won it last year. I believe he is not done getting better. Who knows how good he can be. Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners, and David Price, Detroit Tigers will also have really good years.

American League Rookie of the Year – Steven Souza, Tampa Bay Rays. Souza will have a chance to grow into a star inside the Trop if they let him. Other possible candidates include Daniel Norris, Toronto Blue Jays and Rusney Castillo, Boston Red Sox.

National League MVP – Matt Kemp, San Diego Padres. I am just a bit excited about Matt Kemp in San Diego. He will be a happy baseball player and a happy baseball player plays relaxed and usually at their highest level. Add Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins, and Matt Holliday, St. Louis Cardinals an there is a lot of talent in the National League.

National League Cy Young – Jordan Zimmermann, Washington Nationals. This will be the shocker pick of the year. Max Scherzer gets all the hype in D.C. but he will not even be the best pitcher on the staff. Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers and James Shields, San Diego Padres also have a great chance.

National League Rookie of the Year – Joc Pederson, Los Angeles Dodgers. If you trade the guy that could be the MVP, his replacement better be pretty good. I think he is. He will sneak into the award as the other votes are split between Chicago Cubs stars of the future, Kris Bryant and Jorge Soler.

Comeback Player of the Year – Brandon McCarthy, Los Angeles Dodgers. The story of the comeback of McCarthy will be awesome to watch. Catch those late night sports shows and new MLB Network show MLB Central each day to hopefully see his story of triumph bloom.

You get a bonus blog tomorrow for Postseason Predictions. Monday will also be a Cardinals specific preview blog even though one game was played. Remember, these thoughts are just my opinion. I hope they make you think and pay attention to the wonderful game of baseball.

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