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Three Songs

Hello all! I miss seeing all of your smiling faces. I hope you are doing well and you are filled with His spirit as we are getting ready to celebrate the glorious day of Jesus rising form the grave. I have had it on my heart to write again and I wanted to get back into it with writing about something I miss but is still with me and that is music. Recently I have had three songs, two of them new, remind me of the time we are in. I hope you enjoy me sharing a bit about them

Last Time I Say Sorry – Kane Brown & John Legend

If you haven’t heard this song yet, you are in for a treat. This song has touched me deep as Lyn and I are journeying through this thing we call marriage. We have had many friends praying for us as we continue to strengthen our bond to each other while life presents new challenges to us. Thank you to all for your prayer and thank you to those that have done more than prayer. We all need friends that are closer than family and we have those. Well, anyway, back to this wonderful song and lyric. This song was supposed to be performed live for the first time at last Sunday’s Academy of Country Music awards show. Instead, with the current circumstance, the ACM and CBS put together a special and they performed it together on the show via FaceTime. One part of the lyric in particular has stuck with me the most. It is the chorus and it says: I won’t say I’m sorry over and over. Can’t just say I’m sorry, I’ve gotta show you. I won’t do it again; I’ll prove my love is true. I hope the last time I said sorry is the last time I’ll say sorry to you. I want Lyn to be the last person I say sorry to. As you listen to it, I hope you have a person you want to be the last person you have to say I am sorry to.


It Is Well With My Soul – Austin Stone Worship Live

Well, if you know anything about my history, you know I sang in a choir for many years. At our old church, St. Paul’s Evangelical Free Church in Creve Coeur, Missouri, I was involved in Chancel Choir under the love and direction of Lois Percival. We were a close choir. I miss those days of Christian fellowship and when my life seemed much simpler when really it wasn’t. I hope I remember the story well but we were practicing an arrangement of this song to sing at church when one of our members became ill. She so loved the song and we kept working on it and praying for her as she was battling. The Lord decided to take Jackie and I believe the first time we sang this song as a choir was at her funeral. I do not know if one member of the choir made it through it without crying. The story of struggle and what the writer overcame is amazing. I could write a whole other blog on that.

On this past week during my current virtual church, Quest Evangelical Free Church, our worship leader and friend, Luke Sinak, presented the story of the song reminding us how we can overcome. Thank you, Luke, for making me cry again as you so eloquently told the story. The Austin Stone Worship Live version is the one he put in the worship, so it is the one I will be sharing with you. This is such a song of triumph and reminder that the Lord is coming again.


Now that I have possibly made you cry to, please know that I hope that you can also remember to have joy during these uncertain times. My job has been extremely stressful during this last month and I know that I can’t make it without a sense of humor.

The Epic Hand Washing Parody – Peter Hollens

So, you get I love music. Peter and his wife Evynne are extremely talented vocalists. I originally discovered Peter with a Pirates of the Caribbean video. And if you ever lost an hour or so searching YouTube videos and love vocals and fun, you can imagine what happened in my crazy head. So watch, smile laugh, and enjoy.


So wash your hands do do da do da do….lol

I hope you enjoyed my look at three songs that have touched me recently. I hope music touches you and I pray you have a Happy and Blessed Easter and please hug me when it is safe as I miss you all.

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