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Still Bleeding – An Update

Anybody miss me? Anyone want to read weird writings from my brain? Yeah, don’t answer that. My head is not a place I would recommend for anyone to explore. What you always see here is just a small part of what goes on up there. I am just happy I can get this focused enough to write some of this down for you all to maybe someday enjoy.

Thanks to a buddy I work with, the blog is now it’s own website. So you are now officially visiting bornbleeding.com. I actually had a chance to do this a few years ago and never went thru with it. I guess I am ready now to devote more time to writing and promoting and seeing where all of this will take me. Thanks Bill, for making this happen at the right time.

What else do you want to know? Hmm. Do you all know I am Type II Diabetic now? I am sure some of you did, it’s been two to three years. I ate a lot of crappy food while Josh was growing up and it all caught up to me mixed in with a few genetics. I remember my Aunt Shirley had always had it. She loved her Tab soda and really got me to like diet sodas at a young age. Anyway, I have tried a few additional meds during all this pandemic craziness that haven’t worked for me. Ozempic cleaned me out more than it was supposed to, same pretty much with Trulicity. Jardiance gave me a rash quick. Now I am almost done with a month of Rybelsus and that seems to be working well. The doctor started me on a smaller dosage and will boost me up in a week or so for another month then a month later, full dose. As I am taking it, my Metformin daily intake goes down. This is a good thing as I was getting sick of being ‘cleaned out’ every few days or so. It still happens now and then, but it’s so much better. Let’s continue to hope and pray that this all works.

I haven’t been in my office to work since March 11, 2020. Almost a year now. Shortly after we got quarantined, I got hearing aids. Josh and I thought Lyn needed them first because of all the times she said ‘huh’ to us. She was diagnosed with selective hearing, so I went in and I have been wearing them since last St. Patrick’s Day. I cannot say they work perfectly so adjustments are still ongoing. Let’s just say TVs in the house are on a little bit quieter now.

Life is not perfect thru all this quarantine life. Marriage is still hard. Lyn and I are still doing Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) although it’s via Zoom now. I have had the chance to even invite my buddy Todd to join us for a small five-week Jacob study now. Mandalorian was a great show to watch. Add to that WandaVision, which now has us watching all the X-Men Movies to catch up with the Marvel Universe. Josh is finishing up Senior year at Northwest Missouri State University and hopes to be teaching Special Education somewhere near home. Join us in praying for him as he makes the transition to a real job and maybe Jeep ownership.

I look forward to Cardinals baseball starting here soon. I miss baseball. I miss being around people who love the things I do. I am ecstatic that The Muppet Show is now on Disney Plus, but I wish I can spend more time with my friends and framily. I got my first COVID-19 vaccine shot because I want these things to happen. My extrovert self is not doing great going thru all of this. I am looking forward to Josh being home in May and we are planning to get out and playing golf and maybe some competitive cornhole. We both have great sets made by Inside Out Custom Designs. Josh got me some fancy bags for Christmas, and I will be throwing regularly once the snow melts and I have enough daylight on the days I don’t go to the gym.

I hope and pray you are all doing well. Thanks to all my friends that have been around via zoom, texts, or whatever way we have stayed weirdly connected thru all of this. I look forward to seeing you all again soon and I hope you look forward to reading more from me soon.

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