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Wrestlemania 37 Preview

From the Rated R Blog, you might have learned that I am wrestling fan. I grew up watching wrestling, all the way back to the St. Louis local promotion of Wrestling at the Chase. Superstar Billy Graham was one of my early favorites before I discovered the WWE (then WWF) and the joy of Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania has a history of being a huge spectacular. Artist from Aretha Franklin to Joan Jett have performed at Wrestlemania. From a bunch of football players over the years to this year, Bad Bunny, superstars have wanted to be a part of the biggest spectacle in sports entertainment.

Now let’s get to my Wrestlemania 37 preview! Night one starts Saturday. (Oh, by the way, Wrestlemania is a two-night event now.) I am going to start with the wrestler who is the reason for me wanting to write a Wrestlemania preview blog. This wrestler is the strongest, the fastest and the best. I have watched Bianca Belair for a long time, and I am extremely happy to watch a strong in her faith Christian wrestler fight for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. After Bianca won the Women’s Royal Rumble match, she went backstage and immediately asked her husband, fellow wrestler Montez Ford (former Marine), to hold her and pray with her. This is a story that should be shared. Bianca is in my opinion, the most athletic wrestler alive today. Bianca will be wrestling current Smackdown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. Sasha is a big star in her own right including starring in The Mandalorian. I believe Bianca will win this match and Sasha will take a few months off in the summer before we see a Summerslam rematch.

Next up scheduled for night one is defending WWE Champion Bobby Lashley versus challenger and the former champion, Drew McIntyre. Lashley’s hurt lock finishing move is extremely devastating and I actually think he will retain his title. I believe there is no way he is going to lose the title one month after capturing it. There has been too much invested in the Hurt Business recently for him not to retain. I will be pulling for Drew personally, but I do not think he will win. That is one of those issues with watching wrestling for so long, you start to see how things may work and sometimes you are actually right.

The next match should be a fun one. Bad Bunny and Damien Priest versus The Miz and John Morrison. I saw this match coming a few weeks before it was announced as a tag match on Monday Night Raw this week. Miz and Morrison destroying Bad Bunny’s three-million-dollar Bugati, I see no way Bad Bunny does not win this match. Invite a huge celebrity into WWE who wins the 24/7 Championship, and he is winning at Wrestlemania. This will be a fun match and I am glad Damien Priest is getting a Wrestlemania match.

I am slowly getting excited for Seth Rollins versus Cesaro. I am happy Cesaro is starting to get more of a push. This angle with Seth has been swinging. (Ha!) I hope Cesaro wins this match, but I am not sure that he will. He has gotten the edge in most of the storyline up to now so I think they might give Seth the edge at Wrestlemania. Cesaro is one of the best wrestlers out there and I am rooting for him.

Next up is what I think is a ‘let’s get these guys on Wrestlemania match.’ That’s the Raw Tag Team Champions New Day members Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods against A. J. Styles and Omos. Omos is a huge man. He served as the bouncer when there was Raw Underground. This match is his debut in the ring. I think he will do some impressive things, but I think the New Day will somehow pin A.J. to get the win.

Every year it seems that Shane McMahon does something to get a Wrestlemania match and this year is no different. He is in a steel cage match against Braun Strowman. Braun should win this match, but if this goes according to storyline, Shane will find a way to outsmart the dumb Braun to win. Something spectacular will happen in this match.

Also, on the first night there is a women’s tag team eliminator match. No clue on this one but I am a mark of Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke so I hope they will win to get a Women’s Tag Team Title match on the second night but who knows. I am guessing Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler will retain their championship no matter who wins the eliminator match.

Let’s move on to Sunday, the second night. The first match I’d like to preview is Kevin Owens versus Sami Zayn. These Canadian long-time frenemies on screen will meet on the big stage. Kevin Owens stated last year he wanted to jump off the pirate ship in Raymond James Stadium, so we shall see where this goes. YouTube megastar Logan Paul will be accompanying Sami to the ring and I see a turn in his allegiance to happen at Wrestlemania to give Owens the win. This will further the conspiracy storyline Sami is currently so obsessed with. I, myself wish they would move on from it.

The United States Champion Riddle defends his title against Sheamus. I call this the “no first name” match. Riddle is a fun loving, scooter riding, sandal flipping guy who rubs a lot of people, especially long time veteran Sheamus, the wrong way. I see the Original Bro, Riddle, as a bigger part of the immediate future and maybe Sheamus will take some time off after Wrestlemania and Riddle will get the win. This match is dropped to mid card level for me, and I hope the U.S. Championship gets treated better in the future.

Another mid card level match it seems is the Intercontinental Championship Match between champion Big E and Apollo Crews. Apollo has taken a heel turn recently as he is returning to his Nigerian roots. I sure hope there is truth to this storyline, or someone is not going to be happy with his accent he has been using on television. I hope Big E squashes him quickly, but I could see Apollo getting a push if his gimmick is working.

Next up is the Fiend against Randy Orton. I am sure Alexa Bliss will not be too far away. I am a huge Alexa mark, and my wife is a huge Randy mark. Randy being from St. Louis is very cool. This storyline needs to end so I hope the Fiend wins the match in some rout where we do not see Orton around for a while. This match should be not for the weak at heart.

The main event is a Triple Threat for the Universal Championship. The Head of the Table Roman Reigns, accompanied by Paul Heyman defends his Championship against Men’s Royal Rumble winner Edge, and Daniel Bryan. This match has had the most build up and most controversy of any of the matches so far. I am all in on the return of Edge and the spunky veteran Daniel Bryan. I am sick of this Head of the Table crap they are doing with Roman. It is a great heel angle, but it might be better served with him as the chaser. This is why I see either Edge or Bryan winning this match by beating the other with Roman losing his championship. Triple threat rules suck. This way you can keep Roman and his unbeatable swagger. I am guessing he will win it back at some point in the near future.

While this is a long blog, there is a lot here I haven’t even mentioned. The 2020 and 2021 Hall of Fame Ceremonies aired on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. I am also really looking forward to the NXT Takeover events on Wednesday and Thursday. The Monday Night Raw the night after Wrestlemania is usually a blast with all the roster changes and the fun fans. I doubt we will see fans there, but they will be at Raymond James Stadium on April 10th and 11th exclusively on Peacock.

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